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Ladycreepypasta's Previously Completed Works

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    About Awakened

    More roles coming soon.

    I will be posting audiobooks of my fanfics onto my YouTube channel, starting with this one since it is closest to being finished and is one of my more recent fanfics.

    The story is based off the 2006 anime movie "Origin: Spirits of the Past", also known as "Giniro no Kame no Agito" in Japan (Silver-haired Agito). It's not a popular movie, but it is highly underrated. 

    This story centres around the antagonist of the movie, Shunack, but five years in the past when he first woke up 300 years into the future. 

    A lot of characters are OCs since the film lacks the characters which could have been involved in Shunack's backstory, so their voices are open to interpretation. Each OC is made to suit a specific purpose, not just to be an OC who hangs around a canon character for fun.

    The canon characters will need their voices to be as exact as possible, but since this anime movie is not at all popular or known it will be difficult for many of you to copy the voices, so I'll tell you about each voice actor and I will link you to example voice clips.

    I hope you guys can manage with this, and I wish everyone the best of luck!

    PS: I don't know when the story will be finished, but there are plenty of chapters to work on. This project will be long-term but I will not demand actors for deadlines (unless you leave me waiting for over a year or something).

    Lastly, the story I wrote does contain spoilers for the movie. So if you watch the trailer and decide to watch the movie before auditioning/reading the story, then I suggest you do that first. Watching the film will also help you understand the character of Shunack a lot more, along with his position and perspective. This is the same for other canon characters who appear.

    -Name pronunciation-

    Shunack - Shoo-nack

    Narroth - Na-roth

    Yolda - Yoll-da

    Hajan - Hajj-an

    Shika - Shee-ka

    Nori - Norr-ee

    Zerui - Ze-roo-ee

    Berui - Be-roo-ee

    Agashi - A-ga-shee

    About the Creator: ladycreepypasta

    I'm just some British teenager with a YouTube channel, but in my spare time I enjoy writing my own original stories and fanfics. For my GCSE work in drama I would write my own scripts, which is also something I now do in my sparetime. I draw my own comics which relate to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. I'm massively into anime and videogames.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold