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Fleebs's Previously Completed Works

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About Kyle-Kun's Neko Cafe! Original YouTube Anime (Spiritual Successor to Nyan Neko Sugar Girls) Pilot

Character Sheet: https://imgur.com/a/FIL6e6V

Kyle-Kun's Neko Cafe! Is a project that I am currently directing. It is a spiritual successor to the old YouTube videos by SoapOpera46 called "Nyan Neko Sugar Girls." It is a parody anime that is about 2 brothers, Togo-San and Chinji-San who open a Neko Cafe in hopes to gain the affection of their crushes, Cow-Chan and Tako-Chan. The anime will have a microsoft-paint kind of art style and the voice acting will be lower-quality, just like Nyan Neko Sugar Girls. KKNC! (Kyle-Kun's Neko Cafe!) is it's own original animation series separate and not affiliated with SoapOpera46's Nyan Neko Sugar Girls. We just hope to take the same feel, style, and ironic humor, and bring it into 2019. The anime will be posted on the director's YouTube channel, YouTube.Com/Fleebs, and will consist of 11 minute long episodes. We aim to produce a pilot and if public reactions are positive and it gains enough attention, we will produce a full series. Right now we are looking for artists and voice actors, nothing more. Pay will be depending on how well the show does in Ad Revenue on YouTube, so pay is not guaranteed. We wish you all the best and even if you don't get accepted into the role you want, please look forward to the final project. :)

The artist and voice actors do not need to be good. This is an ironic show, as long as the artists/VAs are able to be understood. We do ask that for all VAs that you do not have any background noise such as fans, air conditioning, or random house sounds. The quality of your mic is not important. For artists you must be able to adapt to the art style we have established for the project. If you are accepted into the discord then there is no need to be formal, we are just here to have fun after all. :)

You must be 13 years or older to apply for a role.
You must have a discord account.
You must be committed to the project if you are accepted to the role and you join the project.
Know that pay is not guaranteed, but in the event there is a profit you must have a PayPal account.
You must be willing to scream.
Know that the show is meant for a mature audience.

If you fit all the requirements and wish to audition, good luck. :)

The mic quality should be similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ewxUXXshXw
This is also the same type of art style we are going for. Have fun!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold