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Umi Midori's Previously Completed Works

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    About Kpop Cover Group Auditions: Fortune8 (Rappers, Vocalists, and Graphic-Makers needed!)

    What is Fortune8?

    Fortune8 will be an 8-member Kpop cover group with a lucky concept. Each member will have a different lucky symbol assigned to them, as well as a member color. Fortune8 will consist of 2 main rappers, 2 rappers/vocalists and 4 main vocalists ("Main" meaning that's the only lines they will record- main rappers only rap, main vocalists only sing). Singles will consist of 2-3 unit songs (Members TBD), albums will consist of 8-12 full-cast songs, and mini albums will consist of 4-6 full-cast songs. Unit songs will be chosen through suggestions and polls, while albums (both full and mini) will be chosen by me. Deadlines will extend depending on the number of songs in progress.

    Requirements (for members only, graphic-maker audition instructions are in the role down below):

    1. Have a working microphone (not a phone)

    2. Have a discord account. The final lineup of members will be PMed the link to the server after they have been chosen

    3.  Be able to record within a deadline. If this is not possible, please notify me no less than a week prior and I can get things sorted out.

    4. Be active in the server so I know you haven't just disappeared.

    5. You don't need to be female, but you need to be able to sing in a higher key if your voice is deeper.

    6. Be able to sing in Korean/English. Your pronunciation doesn't have to be perfect but I need to hear that you are comfortable singing in both languages (primarily Korean).

    How do I audition?

    Please post your audition under the role of the type of member you are auditioning for. Each role has their own directions, but I have some things every role needs to include in their audition.

    Since I want this group to be as close to an actual Kpop idol group as possible, you'll need to set up a profile for yourself including a first and a last name (doesn't need to be Korean, but if you're going to use a stage name please include a first and last name along with it), an age (preferably between 16-26 years old), and a background story for yourself if you want to.

    OPTIONAL: You can include color and symbol preferences, but I can't guarantee everyone will get what they want so please keep that in mind. (I'm taking green and a four-leaved clover)

    About the Creator: Umi_Midori

    Hi there! My name is Umi and I have been dubbing for about a year and a half. I usually dub songs in Japanese, but I am hoping to start singing in Korean more as well. I am learning Japanese in the hope that I will someday travel to Japan to study abroad. Nice to meet you!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold