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Ankha 's Previously Completed Works

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About [Kiramai] Cover group Re-cast (Love Live, [email protected], AKB48 etc)

He~llo! Welcome to the casting call RECAST of Kiramai! 

Kiramai is an Idol covering group created by yours truly, Tyler!
Kiramai will work as any other covering group BUT  we'll have our own characters, our own idols! You'll get to create your own idol that you resonate with and feel connected to! The idols are in your hands and you get to choose everything from appearance and name to what they like and don't like. However, there are a few tiny guidelines:

1. Due to the name Kiramai being a combo of "Kirameki"(sparkle) and "Amai"(sweet)
the characters have to be dessert/sweets themed, this doesn't really matter when it comes to character design but just keep it in mind. Don't create a character who hates sweets LOL
2. The character has to be ORIGINAL and for this project only! If you don't already have a character, don't sweat it! Just think of something simple and if you're accepted into the group, we'll work on it together! We can even start from scratch and just create a character who fits your voice!
3. If you make it, we might suggest some character design changes in order to make the group cohesive together! We can't have this group looking like someone threw up a giant rainbow ya know?

For Kiramai we are looking for 3 vocalists and at least 1 mixer. 
Once I've chosen who will do what, i will contact you and send you the Server link

Simple, right?
I want to give everyone a fair shot so I won't be sending out any DM's before this whole Audition process is over!

Along with a group, we also need some rules, right? 

So here You go:
1. You must be over 13. I'm really sorry! I don't like to set ages since i know how frustrating that was for me but I ultimately decided to anyways.
2. You gotta have a decent mic,  no background noise or static. Make sure we can hear your voice clearly and that you're not to close to your mic or cause clipping.

3. You have to know a few idol franchises! Although I suspect we'll end up covering a lot of love live, I also wish to cover other franchises! This includes male idol groups, IRL idol groups, Vocaloid, Kpop and so on and so forth.

4. Send in lines on time! Or at least communicate! One of the most important parts of a group is communication! If you don't tell us what's up then how would we know? It's fine if you can't meet a deadline, but you need to tell us why, not just not send in lines.
Another part of this is also being active on the server, not all the time or every day but send at least a few messages now and then, we gotta know you're still alive.

5. On the topic of servers, You need discord! This will be an entirely Discord based Idol group so you need to have it or at least be willing to make one. Having an active E-mail is also helpful.

I hope you all have a jolly ol' time and don't forget to have fun when you audition! Don't push yourself in any way, shape or form. I can't wait to hear you all shine!

Here's some extra info in case you want it: 

Kiramai will most likely be debuting with Miracle Wave by Aqours but this might change depending on the members
We might end up singing in other languages than Japanese and English if we have translators
We will be doing voice acting sooo be ready for that!
I'll be the leader, of course
We'll be posting our covers on Youtube and soundcloud.
We'll also be doing exclusive covers which will not be out on youtube nor have video
There will be a public Discord group once the group is set and stone.
My discord is Tyler#2076

About the Creator: Ankha_

Hello! You have stumbled upon my oh so boring CCC profile! 
I'm a Kpop and Idol enthusiast and am in several groups. 
I'm fluent in English, Norwegian and speak a little Thai but have no trouble pronouncing Japanese and Korean. I hope you like my stuff! 

My main group: b9weshine.wixsite.com/b9official
My Discord: 熊タイ(Tyler)#2076
My Instagram: @_Kumacos_

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold