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About "Kingdom Hearts: The Bonds We Share" Writing Project (WRITERS WELCOME; CONTAINS KH3 SPOILERS)

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. People who follow me on YouTube know that I'm taking a temporary hiatus from making videos. However, with the release of Kingdom Hearts III, I've become strongly motivated in working on my skill as a writer. So I've been working on my own ideas for a Kingdom Hearts fan-story focusing on Kairi, whom I believe is a criminally underutilized character in the franchise. Below is a synopsis of the story I've composed so far...

WARNING: This synopsis contains spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III, as the story takes place after the events of the game. So if you haven't beaten the game yet, proceed with caution.

"After Sora sacrificed his life to resurrect Kairi with the Power of Waking, his body and heart vanished from their realm. Kairi, Donald, and Goofy then went to consult Yen Sid, who tells the trio that he can still sense Sora's heart, but it's too faint for him to properly pinpoint where he is. He also theorized that if Sora were to stay where ever he is currently trapped for too long, that he will be forever lost. Kairi, consumed with guilt and self-hatred over not doing enough to help her dear friend, volunteers to venture out to find Sora and save his heart. However, because of her inexperience as a Keyblade Warrior, Yen Sid insists that she cannot begin her search unaccompanied. And Donald and Goofy aren't able to join her due to King Mickey needing them for a mission of his own. Donald, however, decides to get in touch with two good friends of his to take his and Goofy's place. Those two friends being none other than his fellow Caballeros, José Carioca and Panchito Gonzales. The two birds promise their friend Donald that they shall guard Kairi with their lives, while also enjoying the thrills and perils of a brand new adventure. So the three new friends set off to travel the worlds, hoping that within one of them Kairi can be reunited with her beloved friend. However, Kairi's search for Sora is not the only problem she'll have to face...

Infesting countless worlds are the Leeches, mindless vessels who siphon the negative emotions and energy of the inhabitants of each world they invade. Once they are full, they return to their master, a reptilian monster named Famish, and relinquish the negativity they gathered to satisfy his hunger. Famish is something of an emotion parasite, needing to consume the energy just to survive. So he has sent Leeches to various worlds so that he can feed off their emotion, and never starve. Upon realizing the existence of the Leeches, Kairi must now also find a way to seal each world she visits so that Famish cannot feed off of them, in addition to her quest for Sora. Unfortunately, Famish has become aware of Kairi's interference, and has prepared his own advanced Leeche, named Fuan, to deal with her...

I've already written out a handful of scenarios, namely Kairi's introduction to the Caballeros and some of the world openings, however I feel for a story of this scope I could use some assistance. That is why I am reaching out to you, fellow writers and fans, to see if you could please help me forge this story. Since I freely admit to not being a particularly big KH fan, writers who are intimately familiar with the series lore are especially welcome to try out. So please feel free to share any samples of your writing that you have, and with any luck you can help me out.


* I want the tone of this story to match the tone established in the games as best as we can, so avoid aiming for any overly adult or babyish writing styles of themes.

* Because I'm hoping to make this a group project, be respectful to your fellow writers.

* Don't be afraid to critique each other, but do so in a mature and level headed manner.

* And most importantly, try to have fun with this story.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold