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    About ~Kingdom Hearts: NoX~ Fanime/Anime Casting Call

    "...Dad... I've been having these weird thoughts lately... And I've been asking myself... is any of it for real... Or not...?"

    "Kingdom Hearts: NoX" is going to be an upcoming fanmade spinoff series written and created by me alone, but I would love if you guys could give me an idea of some of the things you'd like to see in this new series down in the comments!

    Now since the series is basically newborn, there isn't much in the way of plot details, but I'll try and give you a bare bone description:

        Seiun, the one and only son of Sora and Kairi, has lived with his grandparents for most of his life, with only fuzzy and non-descriptive memories of his parents. His parents had left the island almost a decade ago, and have yet to return. Everyone had feared for the worst... All except Seiun. Seiun habitually writ letters to his father and shipped them out to sea in glass bottles, hoping the letters would reach his father one way or another.

        With strong faith in his mother and father, Seiun calmly lived out his childhood on destiny island without any worry in the world... Until one day, the island came under attack from a new breed of Heartless, dubbed "The Forgotten." With these new breeds of heartless destroying the very fabric of time and space, the surviving islanders are forced to evacuate. All except Seiun, who decides to stay and fight The Forgotten.

        However, With his limited knowledge of wielding a key-blade, he was quickly defeated and sucked into the darkness... Where he could faintly see a light from the other side... The hot, flashing lights of a neon sign...

    And this... This is where the story begins...

    But yeah, bare bones beginning of the plot! And character development is coming along quite well!

    Seiun will NOT be alone on his journey, and will be venturing alongside 4 others:

    🔑Hewey, Dewey, and Louie🔑

    The young and plucky trio joins Seiun after they discover one of Merlin's hidden spell books within their shop. At first, they are hesitant, considering they still have a shop to run and upkeep, but their mother insists that they take heed and continue on the journey, telling them to do whatever it took to find Uncle Donald and bring him home to Disney Town, wherever he may be...

    🔑Max Goof🔑

    This rambunctious young teen lives with his grandparents in Disney Town, and is very well-versed in his own fighting style known as "Skate-Jitsu." He detests his Father for leaving him to work at Disney Castle, and frequently mourns over the fact that his mother is... "Gone." In the end, however, Max decides to make himself useful and journey on with Seiun and the duck boys, hoping to one day follow in his fathers footsteps and become the Captain of the Royal Knights.

    And so, a new trio has been made, a new goal has been set in place, and various new worlds are just waiting to be discovered... But what caused the re-appearance of such earth-shattering heartless, could a much darker force than Xehanort be at work...

    Or could it be...


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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold