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About Kagerou Days [English Cover] (Singers & Va) {part 2}



    Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to actually open this silly project and read this description.

Getting right to the point, I want to do an ENGLISH collaboration on the song Kagerou Days with at least five other people (so six singers total) just for the heck of it. I also want to post this on youtube if this project successfully gets people to audition. (Also, if you have a youtube channel, I'll give you a copy of the video so that you can post on your channel!)

    I don't only need singers who can sing, but it would be nice if some people would voice act a bit as well for the instrumental part. (Kind of like the nico nico chorus version) But if you just want to only do voice acting/singing, I have separate audition forms for you to go to. 

I also need at least one person to help make the video (I can put all the audios together but I'm not that great at making videos). And if at all possible, an animator. (for this, just email me a sample of what you can do as an animator) <-- Just ask for my email or give me a link of what you can do. If you have skype, feel free to contact me there!


    Little to no background noises

    (for voice acting if you choose to do it) sound like a living human and not a zombie

    Willing to redo parts if required

    An email to send me your recording once you're casted

    A way for me to contact you (Email, Skype, etc.) [Email is perfered]


    So first of all, feel free to try out for all the roles if you want to. But when you audition, please use the english lyrics that Jubyphonic has writen. Also, if you can sing with the karaoke version of Kagerou Days, that would be wonderful (but it's not required that you do that).

Anyway, I hope that there will actually be people who'll try out for this. And finally, for those who are too lazy to find the link to one of the Kagerou Days covers, I'll provide that as well as the english lyrics that Jubyphonic has written.

Thanks you guys, and good luck.

August 15th at 12:30 noon I don't see a cloud above 
The sun is shining down, what a pretty day
So sick of this summer heat I cant beat away the haze 
the rays are giving way
And spending all of my time having conversations sitting next to you

"Hey but I...don't really like the summertime"
And as you were petting on that cat you said such a daring thing 
right from under your breath

Ah, and as that cat had ran away
You tried to chase it in the end
Jumping right out in front of a 
traffic light that poured a shade of red bright red

Crashing in and breaking you to bits
That truck a heard a scream a little bit too late
Blood dripping everywhere and choking your smell of hair
I breathe in a gulp of air and just cant take it
Are these lies? The heat is mocking me 
"What you see is exactly what you're gonna get!"
And with the blue of sky I hear singing crickets cry and
fall right back into another dark sleep

Sitting up in my bed I could hear ticking clocks the shock 
will mock my ever ringing head
I look to see the time

August 14th at 12 something noon I don't see a cloud above
The sun is shining down
And yet I hear a cry of a cricket singing loudly in my head

"Hey but I...I really have to wonder why
Because in the dream I had last night we sat in the 
same old park we are sitting at now
"Hey, I think the two of us should leave." 
But stepping slightly off the path, their heads turned up towards sky 
and were gaping pointing struggling to keep away a scream

Stabbing holes and splitting you in two, 
the beam made seam as it fell straight from the sky
Ringing an old wind chime and shaking a passerby then filling the air 
until they hit those park trees 
Are these lies? The heat is mocking me
"Bet you wish you were asleep, but it's not a dream!"
Vision it blurred away and keeping my thoughts at bay I swear you stood there while keeping such a dark smile


Endlessly I see that over heated haze
And again the laughing will repeat on through the days
You've been dying for the past ten years
We are trapped in cycles and the end is never clear

But a story is a story all the same
And today like any has an ending so to say
Far away and out beyond that scorching summer day 

Crashing in and hitting me instead you
I pushed you aside to nearly dodge a truck
Blood dripping everywhere and choking my smell of hair
You breathe in a gulp of air and just cant take it
Are these lies? I haven't heard him say
"What you see is exactly what your gonna get"

Maybe this summer day has finally gone away
But that's all I'll say so this is where it ends now 

August 14th and sitting alone on a bed a girl awakes repeating just the same
Muttering again

"Guess I failed again.." as she sat all alone 
and held a cat still cradled in her arms

Added note: You can just do part of the song and when we do the actual song, I'm going to be taking the key of the song a few steps lower for those who can't exactly reach high notes. But for now, show me what you can do~ (If you need to change the key, then go ahead with that in your audition)

About the Creator: kira shiroi okami

"KEW KEW KEW! Kira-chan~ Thanks for tuning in!"

Kira Shiroi Okami

[Singer * Lyricist * Script Writer * Voice Actress]

Heyo! The name's Kira Shiroi Okami. As you can see, I'm not exactly one for formalities all due so that I can cooperate comfortably with you. So I apologize if I'm casual with you.


When it comes to singing, I mostly cover anime/Japanese covers but can also sing in English as well. Also, sometimes when I do covers, I like to mash them up with other songs to make it a bit more unique and more original for me.

Harmonies are my specialty as I like to take on the upper and lower harmonies.

Groups I'm in (where they are located):

  • Dahlia Chorus (Youtube)
  • Kira Kira Committee (Smule)
  • ZΞRØIRS_Official (Smule)
  • FrenZyUta (Smule)
  • ArchAngel (Smule)
  • KeepSake (Smule)
  •         *KeepSuits [Unit from KeepSake]


On occasion, I like to create my own lyrics for songs. (Example: Like the Sun in the Sky - Mystic Messenger). Yeah... that's all I have for this description.

Group(s) that I write for (where they're located)

  • Dahlia Chorus (Youtube)

Script Writer:

When I "script writer", I mean that I write scripts for VAs. I'm mostly familiar in writing dramatic and action themed scripts. I'm still learning how to write comedic scripts.

Scripts Written (Located on Smule)

  • The "will" of a ninja
  • Sluggish much? [Harry Potter]
  • Royal Sparkling Trio (Yaoi Support Group)
  • Death Within the LYTva Family
  • Beauty-CONversation
  • Technical Difficulties]
  • Just Sing It Already
  • 707 Messes With Yoosung!!!
  • Birds And Bees
  • Playing With Fire
  • Christmas Before Nightmare
  • Royal Sparkling Trio - Halloween Special
  • Royal Sparkling Trio - Birdy Appocolyps
  • Canine Warrior - Start of a Journey
  • A Step Too Late
  • Roasted~


Not only do I sing, but I also voice act (though, I still have a lot to learn). Some of the voices that I'm able to do are:

  • Elmo (Sesame Street)
  • Nina (Full Metal Alchemist)
If you ever need someone to improvise on the spot, I'm the person you need~

Sadly, as much as I would like to be an antagonist, my voice is more suited for an antagonist or that very annoying, energetic character that always gets the group in trouble.

I've been told that I have a slight accent to my voice due to the fact that I have a hard time pronouncing my 'r's correctly.

Voice Acting Groups that I'm in (where they're located):

  • Royal Sparkling Trio (Smule)
  • Voisync (Smule & Youtube)
  • Project VA (Smule)

So yeah, if you want to find me on other sites, just Google "Kira Shiroi Okami" and see what you can find~.

Currently I'm on Youtube, Smule, Soundcould, Facebook, Discord, Line, and Twitter~.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in and hopefully all of this makes sense to you guys.

If you have any question, feel free to drop me a dm and I'll get back to you as soon as possible~


I have Discord, Twitter,  Line, and email. I'm mostly active on Line (pun not intended) with Discord being second, Twitter third, then Email last. Just type in KiraShiroiOkami for Twitter and Line or contact me for my info on Discord or my email. But if you have Line, please contact me there, it's more convenient for me (seeing that all of my other song groups/voice acting groups are on there)

"KEEP ON SMILING and Kira out-o! Bye bye bii!"

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold