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    About KAGAYAKU µ's has an opening for Nozomi Toujou!

    KAGAYAKU µ's is looking for an energetic fan of Love Live! School idol festival to sing as Nozomi Toujou!

    What is KAGAYAKU µ's?

    KAGAYAKU µ's is a fan group dedicated to covering songs. We are made up of ten members (eight vocalists, a mixer, and an animator!) who are fans of the Love Live! franchise and are currently focused on releasing covers of Love Live! songs on our YouTube page.

    What am I auditioning for?

    Auditions will be reviewed by our group and one will be selected to sing as Nozomi Toujou. For example, if KAGAYAKU µ's releases a cover of the song "Snow Halation", you will be expected to record yourself singing the words Nozomi sings in that song.

    KAGAYAKU µ's is full of members that need time to fufill life's other obligations, so while there will be deadlines set for each project, you will have an ample amount of time to contribute your work.

    What do I need to be considered?

    Regardless of whether you're an experienced singer or just a fan of Love Live!, you will need to audition in order to be considered! In terms of equipment, any type of microphone or recording device will work as long as you are able to record without excessive background noice (such as a TV or vaccuum in the background). You will need at least an email to communicate with the group. We are also expecting you to communicate at least when necessary for project ideas and submissions; we cannot create anything if any of members are never heard from.

    How do I audition?

    Pretend you're already a member and submit a short recording of yourself singing! We are looking for a voice that is both characteristic of Nozomi Toujou and pleasant to hear. If you choose a song with multiple character parts, please sing each part as if Nozomi were singing all of them. Again, recording equipment isn't considered, but the quality of the recording may be.

    Please submit at least a minute of you singing a Love Live! song without any modifications to your voice (such as any effects in Audacity).

    You may submit through CastingCallClub here or email me, whether it's a file, SoundCloud, video, or otherwise.

    The deadline is July 21st at 12:00 AM. After about a week, everyone that auditioned will be contacted regarding their result.

    Questions? Need to contact us?

    Feel free to message me through CastingCallClub. If you'd prefer to communicate elsewhere, send a message with your request through CastingCallClub or to our YouTube channel.

    If you want to hear and see our current members' work, check out our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWLGh2rEqzNB3FsZXO71adQ. You can also see our auditions result video for examples (note that we do not currently have a Nozomi).

    About the Creator: ellime

    Semi-professional vocalist.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold