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    About K-Pop Cover Group [Soul Talker]

    Hi there!
    It seems you have found your way to this little Casting Call, and I'm glad you did!
    I'll get straight to the point.

    I would like this project to last quite a while, so if you can not commit over a longer period of time, please do not audition as I do not want to change up Members every month.
    This Group, which will have the name Soul Talker, 5 Members (2 Rappers, 3 Vocals|Very unlikely, but the number of members may rise if I find some more talented people than planned. But I'm usually strict with this.). We will be covering Songs in Korean, but ALSO in Japanese! And with that I mean original Japanese Songs, not Korean Songs with a Japanese Version. Main focus will be korean however.

    I don't think I need to list the basic rules like "be friendly" and stuff here, that's common sense, just try to not be a butt :D
    No one reads long Texts, so I'll just stop here and list a few requierements I would like for you to have.

    -Be over 15+ years old, please (I've had bad experience for most below, so forgive me)
    -For the love of everything holy, HAVE GOOD MIC QUALITY!!! Look, there is just some things even mixing can't fix. If your voice sounds distant or distorted, you're automatically out. I want this group to be of good quality, and it starts with audio quality.
    -Please, don't just leave the group without saying anything, it's a pain. As said, this will be a long-term project.
    -Be able to take some criticism without being butthurt, please. Just because there is something you can improve on, doesn't mean you're bad!
    -Know how to properly record your lines (make sure the timing is right, you're not off-beat etc.), don't add unnecessary work for the mixer, I'm pretty sure you can check for yourself if you timed your lines accordingly, so don't be lazy.
    -Have GOOD pronunciation in Korean AND Japanese!
    -Turn in deadlines on time
    -Be patient when you have to.
    -Be active
    -Have Discord
    -It also would be good if you knew how to edit audio and videos in case we need someone to back up the original mixer/editor

    Audition form:
    Discord Tag (otherwise you will not be able to participate):
    The microphone you're using:
    Additional Information:

    That's all from me so far. I may sound a little rude here, but I really want this to work out well, so I hope you can understand! :)
    The most important thing however is fun!
    And I hope you will have fun auditioning! ^^

    About the Creator: See-You

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold