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    About Airi's Tale [sims 2 voice over series auditions open 2017] [PAID PROJECT] [DELAY]

    [Sims 2 voice over series auditions open 2017 / casting call open]


    This project is a paid project. I can only pay you by Paypal...  When you audition for a character that you want to voice, if selected for any characters, you'll get a private message from me asking you only a few questions & the link for me to send the money to you... For example:

    When auditioning for the character you want to voice, in the 3rd line you get to add in you're very own words of what you think the character would say, like just give a small example. Is it required for you to do so? No, but it'll help me a lot to seek those that fits the characters perfectly! It'll also do you a favor, just think of it as earning more points in a video game and leading you to victory!

    You are also allowed to voice up to 2 characters depending on how good you are by switching up your voice and changing the pitch!

    This may turn into a long term project, because it does take time to make progress. Also not every character will be viewed in every episode. In fact, in this storyboard there will be characters that will be killed off. Can't voice a dead character, so you know what that means... Thank you for you're service and hope to work with you again one day!

    When sending your lines to me, I'll make it my job to listen to your lines first to make sure there aren't any type of mistakes and to see if I'm satisfy with it. If it seems alright in my eyes and I'm satisfy with your lines that you sent me. You will receive money on your Paypal account. If I'm not satisfy or if there's a mistake I will ask you to redo that part and then send the cash over to your Paypal account. But please keep in mind I may not be able to get to you right away due to other fellow voice actors & actresses! Please be patient and wait till I get to you. NOT EVERYBODY IS GOING TO GET PAID ON THE SAME DAY YOU SEND YOUR LINES IN, I HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOURS AND EVERYONE ELSE'S...

    You can send your lines to me here on CCC or my gmail: [[redacted]] [I'll also be accepting auditions offsite, so you can just email me your audition. Also please make sure when you send me your audio file, the format is MP3! It'll make life easy for me!]

    [The pay will go up for some characters soon...]

    If you have any questions for me, you can PM me or email me.


    - Clear Mic

    - Show Emotion

    - Be Dedicated

    - Be Cooperative

    - Turn Lines In On Time!

    - Have FUN!

    [OH! Almost forgot! You have to be okay with swearing!]

    If your popular on youtube & gets a lot of viewers... If you would be so kind please do send some this way! :)

    PLOT SUMMARY: The supernatural only gets more real and dangerous in Airi's Tale, from the past to the present, but no future... Airi's life was taken from her in the past and more lives are being taken now, in the present time. Students continues going missing & showing up dead each year as if Airi's tale is re-living itself over again, but in many different strange's ways... Airi's body was never found & the murderer was never arrested... With all these murders, it left some people to believe Airi's tale never came to an end just yet... Now it's up to the new generation of students to figure out the rest of the tale & end it with out getting killed in the progress...   

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold