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About Juni Taisen Abridged - Ep. 1

Re-update update: original schedule kinda bit the dust. Anyways Boar is still open! Feel free to drop an audition or email me if you are at all interested. Drop by the 
for updates

Boar is open for auditions once more.

Hello all,
I am currently in the process of looking for more Voice Actors to *refill 1 role (1F) in a, for fun, anime abridged version of the show Juni Taisen (zodiac wars).
Pending Name: The Holy Birthday War(s)

This will be the third time I have needed to recast this role. As such the original schedule is way behind now. Would be looking for a tentative dubbing of the lines within the next 2 weeks at the latest, the sooner the better. If you are interested and want to see the script in full, send me an email (my name in lowercase at gmail). If you have any questions, email me as well, as that is the fastest way to communicate at this stage.

The fastest route is:
-Do a sample dub and/or give me links to other works I can use as reference.
-Email me your interest, at which point I'll send you the full script to review
-We set a time to talk briefly (15 mins), and determine if we can get a good fit.
-We move forward with the dub asap

I will be using google docs and email to spread scripts and other information.
There is an old casting call video on youtube, bunch of somewhat promotional amv, an undubbed sample video of the full abridgment, a full colour coded script with timestamps, and individual scripts available as resources, alongside other little segment videos.

Further information detailing the above can be found on the audition doc (just scroll down 'alot'):

12 warriors arrive in an abandoned city to partake in the legendary birthday party to end all birthday parties, dubbed the Holy Birthday War. Only the last one alive will be crowned ultimate Birthday girl/boy/champion.

Send me a message/email (can't post email directly here but you should be able to find it) if you are interested and are unable to submit a sample within by the deadline (willing to consider based on any other work you might have that could give me an idea if you might be a good fit for the role).

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold