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    About James and the Giant Peach Jr. Voice Acting Production

    James and the Giant Peach was originally a story written by Roald Dahl, an author famous for writing tons of popular children's stories, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The story follows a young boy named James Henry Trotter, following the death of his two parents. He is forced to live with his two aunts, Spiker and Sponge, who are horribly cruel to him. When this young boy comes across a form of magic that could potentially better his life, he takes the risk, and thus the peach grows.

    This project, of course, is based off the musical adaptation of the story, and so it won't be exactly like the story we all know and love in a number of areas.

    What is this project?

    This project will be not only a voice acted cast album, but will also be the entire musical from start to finish, dialogue included! This project will also feature the works of talented artists that choose to contribute their work, and a preview teaser which includes the opening number, Right Before Your Eyes, which will also include its own individual artwork. The goal is to find actors that can effectively convey feelings and personality through only their voice, which is a difficult task in itself, but can also sing relatively well (in those character voices). If you're still interested, we're very excited to hear your auditions!


    This section is very important, and we WILL notice if you have failed to read these thoroughly, which will result in your audition being taken down. If you have had your audition removed, you can always resubmit it after you double check that you've fixed the errors that do not abide by these rules.

    • Clear Microphone

    Any static and/or background noise MUST be minor, if present at all. Any background noise that is not considered removable is unacceptable. A pop filter would be a definite plus, but is not 100% required

    • Must have a discord account

    All of our project will take place on discord, within a server that hopefully will be a nice place to get to know each other. We want this to be a fun experience!

    • Please record each line more than once

    Saying the line once tells us you can say it the way it's written, but we really want to see how well you can improvise in your character voices. Please phrase each take of each line a slightly different way. We need to get a good feel for the way you portray the character!

    • Use emotion!

    With a lack of visuals besides the artwork, you're left with only your voice to portray the way a character is reacting to a scene. You have to really exaggerate things when you have nothing but your voice. Theatre is all about over exaggerating a bit to make sure the audience can really tell what a character is feeling.

    • Choose fitting song!

    The song doesn't have to be a perfect match to the character, but choose a song that could fit a little with the character, and especially show off your character voice as well.

    • Play around with your voice!

    Your regular voice may very well fit with a character, but at the same time, most of the characters in this story are very unique. Don't be afraid to mess around with different voices.

    • Accents!

    Most characters in this show have british accents, so depending on the character you want to audition for, make sure you check the accent section!

    • Dedication

    You must be dedicated to this project. If you are going to be busy for a certain period of time, that's fine as long as we're notified, but if you're unable to stay dedicated to our project and meet our deadlines, you will have to remember that even the most talented can be replaced if it comes down to it. You will most likely receive a few warnings before you're removed from the project. If mental health often gets in the way of things like this, it probably would be in your best interest to avoid getting involved.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold