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About Jakstis' Class: The Finale

"It's been four years. Four long years in this damn highschool. I knew it was a horrible idea to join AP Literature. I'm getting tired of these tests, these essays. We have to get out of this hell."


Hi! This project is not something that I want to be popular. Instead, it could be considered a school project that I want to show to my senior class next year that features a few classmates of mine who seem to have this rivalry relationship with our soon-to-be AP Literature teacher, Mr. Jakstis. As a little end-of-the-year film to celebrate how we have all grown throughout the years and came back together in the final year.

Everyone will be half-human, half-animal as this is based on my classmate's vocabulary story series she wrote during the entirety of freshmen year. And most of the cast's names will be how it was written in my classmate's series. 

This project will take on an anime style and heavily reference off of a very popular anime named Demon Slayer and have small references to other such popular anime as well. It will also be in Japanese (and a small bit of Russian), but unfortunately, I do not speak Japanese nor Russian. Sadly, the script will make use of Google Translate unless I find someone to help translate. This animation will be at most 20 minutes long and will take at most a year to make as I'm not a professional animator.

The story takes place in this large, decrepit building in the middle of nowhere. Two of our main characters, Hannah and Patty, are locked in a room and are being forced to take a vocabulary test. During the test, the rest of our main cast, Ben and Katty break into the room to help Hannah and Patty break out. They run into four of their friends along the way who help lead them throughout the maze of this building and give them a weapon to help fight against Mr. Jakstis if the time ever were to come. And that time would come as the next thing that happens to our cast is that they end up in what seems like the outside world, but it was a simulation and Mr. Jakstis comes out from behind a tree to attack our cast. Everyone fights back as best they can and, through cliche means, they win in the end. Mr. Jakstis is not angry, but proud of how big his students have grown and wished them a good rest of their life as he gives them the key to the real exit.

Things to Know:

  • You are not being paid and I do not have an audience, other than my senior class next year, to give exposure to your talent. This is completely voluntary and you are not obligated to be dedicated to this project. I will post this someday to my YouTube channel, but again, I do not have a large audience.
  • When auditioning (and if chosen), you will have to speak Japanese (and a small bit of Russian). I will provide the pronunciations and all you have to do is read and repeat it. I apologize greatly that this is not in English. If you need, you can say the English part in the audition before saying the Japanese to have a warm-up.
  • As I've stated before, I'm not a professional animator, so, for all we know, it might take me the entirety of my junior year to animate this. It's not that I do not have the skill, but rather I do not have the motivation. If you wish to see snippets of your parts being used in the film, then I can send you that, but the full product may take a long time.
  • The deadline will be December 25, 2020, as I would need the audio beforehand to animate over throughout my junior year before I present this in our first week of senior year.
  • I am animating most of the project and only need people to voice act the characters and people to help with the backgrounds and objects as I can only animate people and effects.

I hope that I can find people who can help, but if I cannot, that's fine as well! I'll just have to somehow voice everyone myself in Japanese haha.

Thank you so much for reading if you reached the end of this.

About the Creator: RatedCaptivity

I'm a solo creator wanting to make things that make people happy. I don't have a big audience, but I have something small. And anything small has the potential to become big.

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