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    About 8Jacob's Wolf - Audio Performance

    Audio performance of a feature length horror script that's going to be submitted to film festivals alongside the screenplay. The purpose is to help audiences and judges better understand the tone and flow of the story.


    Benjamin Zilberschlag, a Jew living in 1941 Nazi-occupied Europe, is afflicted with lycanthropy. His existence is filled with strife as it is, but when both he and his wife Rachel are taken to a concentration camp, they lose the only means they have of confining the beast. Now, dogged by a suspicious Captain and the horrific deeds of both himself and the Nazis, Benjamin must struggle with his own morals and decide whether to be the better man or become the very monster he loathes. At least, while there’s still time.

    (Please only do an accent if you can be authentic. If not don't let that stop you from posting an audition without an accent.)


    • NARRATOR – MALE/ FEMALE - seeking strong, commanding, narrative voice.
    • BENJAMIN - MALE (20s)- a reclusive, anxious, somewhat shy young man. Generally seeking a meek sounding mid-range male voice, but open to different pitches and styles
    • RACHEL - FEMALE (20s)- Benjamin's wife. Supportive and strong but has a fairly gentle voice.
    • FRITZ – MALE (30s)– A Nazi Captain. He has a very analytical and cautious nature. Should have strong presence even when calm.
    • HANS – MALE (20s)– A Nazi Captain. Impulsive, somewhat childish. Very vicious when he gets angry
    • LENNARD - MALE (20s)– A Nazi Captain. Likes to stay out of things, adores dogs.
    • WYNFRED – MALE (40s)– Nazi Doctor. Has an air about him, even when he’s wrong, he finds a way to be right. Should often have a very “matter of fact tone”
    • VALSTILLE – MALE (50s)– The Major in charge of the camp. Short fuse, very commanding. History of some disgrace so he’s always quick to destroy what could get him in trouble.
    • MAXIMILLIAN – MALE (18)- Straight laced. Respectful. On good terms with Fritz.
    • CLOVIS – MALE (18)- Dark sense of humor. Gets along with Hans, not so well with Fritz
    • FUCHS – MALE (30s) – Orderly. Acquainted with Fritz, possibly friends.

    Minor Speaking Roles. (depending on auditions, several roles may end up being done by one VA)

    - OFFICER – MALE – (30s)

    - TRUCK GUARDS – MALE – (20s)

    - PRIVATE – MALE - (18)

    - DOCTOR – MALE – (60s)


    - STATION SOLDIER – MALE  - (20s)


    - FIRST JEW – MALE –




    - GIRL – FEMALE – (18)


    - WATCHER – MALE – (20s)

    - CALLER – MALE – (20s)

    - SOLDIER A – MALE – (20s)

    - SOLDIER B – MALE – (20s)

    - SOLDIER C – MALE – (20s)

    - GATE GUARDS - MALE – (20s)

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