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Hermione Granger's Previously Completed Works

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    About It started over a obsession (Harry Potter Gacha series) Drarry? Hinny?

    ♡ Description [Introduction]

    ✒ Hello guys! As you might not seen the title. I'm creating a series based off the sixth book called 'It started over a obsession' . This pretty much will be a Drarry series. The reason I decided Drarry because this is a popular ship in the Harry Potter franchise. I probably will make a Hinny series in the future if this series becomes successful. If you don't know what Harry Potter is then I suggest reading the Harry Potter books, Drarry means Harry x Draco. (Same thing as Hinny ,but it's Ginny x Harry) 

    ♡ What is Harry Potter?

    ✒ Harry Potter is a book series created by J.K ROWLING in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005, and 2007 the last book counting the cursed child.

    ♡ Casting

    ✒ I'll be casting roles through episodes and seasons. Right now I have a script for the first episode ,and that script will probably be done in a few hours. I don't know if I'm going to actually hire video editors, prop makers, designers, and music editors. I might because I'm going to need a lot of help making this series. I will be directing this series if you all don't know. After I cast you as an character i'll be asking you for your discord ,and yes you will be needing discord. After I invited you to a discord chat i'll be posting a link to a google docs basically where your script will be at. I'll be posting in the discord how many weeks or days you have to record your voice saying the lines. If I have to fire someone because there not doing what I have told them to do then i'll be casting a new person ,or if someone has to leave for a certain reason then i'll cast someone else.

    ♡ Characters

    ✒ Now let me tell you some of the characters. Remember i'll be adding new characters to this list.


    ✒ Harry Potter

    ✒ Draco Malfoy

    ✒ Ron Weasley

    ✒ Hermione Granger

    ✒ Ginny Weasley

    ✒ Borgin Burkes

    ✒ Mrs. Weasley

    ✒ Luna Lovegood

    ✒ Neville Longbotton

    ✒ Professor Slughorn

    ✒ Blaise Zabini 

    ✒ Marcus Belby

    ✒ Cormac McLaggen

    ✒ Pansy Parkinson 

    ✒ Gregory Goyle

    ✒ Vincent Crabbe

    ✒ Nymphadora Tonks

    ✒ Severus Snape

    ✒ Albus Dumbledore

    ✒ Minerva McGonagall  


    ✒ Remember I'm going to add new roles every few episodes. If you don't get cast as an character remember you still have a chance to be in the cast of 'It started with a obsession' if one person gets fired, has to leave for a important reason, or if I need backup cast characters. Remember acting is not about how many expressions you can do it's about how you fit that character. You don't pick the character the character picks you.

    ♡ Plot

    ✒ This series is a fanfic for the 6th book. It's about Harry having this big obsession with Draco or should I say Malfoy. He tries to figure out what Malfoy was doing all through his 6th year at Hogwarts. Hermione and Ron starts getting annoyed thinking he's starting to have a little crush on him. There is also a lot of other drama going on too for example -- Hermione, Ron, and Lavender. Malfoy starts crushing on Harry too ,but secretly. That's basically the plot of the series. It's basically a gay gacha series.

    ♡ Language 

     ✒ Please at least be english if your auditioning for a role ,and I also might add a french role in this series. But if your british that will be very helpful giving the characters a british accent! 

    About the Creator: HermioneGranger

    Well I'm still a beginner to directing auditions do yeah. But I'll learn the basics soon! You know practice makes perfect when your new! I love that saying!

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