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About Iridescia - English K-Pop Chorus

Hello! I’m faithignited, searching for 5 other members to join a more casual, but long-term K-Pop English chorus.

There will be 7 roles in total: 2 vocalists, 3 rappers, and 2 main vocalists. There are more rappers than vocalists since rappers will also be singing. Most often only 2 rappers will be rapping in a song, but if the song is more rap-heavy, then the 3rd rapper will add into the rap. I will either be taking the role of a rapper, and bblackroses will be taking one of the main vocalists roles.

I will be taking care of lyrics, mixing, and animation {example for lyrics and mix will be listed below}! All I would need additionally is someone to tune, create harmony guides, and assist with writing translyrics!. Though, I would not be opposed to help with animating or mixing, thus those two spots are also open!

Animation will be simple. Vocalists will be required to record themselves lip-syncing along to their lines in a style similar to this and this, so it is required that the vocalist 1. has a good camera, and 2. is comfortable with recording themselves. I may let one or two people record in a style similar to this!

This chorus is open to all gendered-voices, and the final result will most ideally be a 3-4 or 2-5 ratio, depending on auditions. If I do not receive many masculine-voice auditions, this will most likely be a full feminine-voice chorus.

While this is a more casual chorus, it’s long-term! Deadlines will be less tight and more flexible, so if you are in a situation where you do not want to commit to something extremely active without the fear of it dying and fading into the abyss, this project is perfect! 

For each song, a center will be given; this person will be given the most lines and killing parts. Everyone will be given a center once, and after everyone has received a center role, we will restart. A person’s given center song will be decided both by their personal want and how well they fit with the song.

To audition, please refer to the document linked at the top of this description!

The deadline for auditions will be February 20th! 
I look forward to hearing your voices ! (*´・v・)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold