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Shezrie's Previously Completed Works

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    About Skyrim Paranormal Investigation: Cast Interview

    What this Project is:
    This will be a short comedy video (approx 5mins long) that will be uploaded to my Youtube account on completion.

    The video will show an interview with the spider from the video Skyrim Paranormal Investigation: The Pale Lady. That character makes his appearance at 10:00 in the video above.

    The video will be made the same way as the above video, using Skyrim modding and voice acting and in much the same format and the same kind of humor as this video

    The Main Character: Heromus Archingden the Three Hundred and Sixteenth, is a giant Frost Spider.

    He/you are a classically trained actor trying to make a name for yourself, but who is constantly type-cast, mostly due to the fact that you are a giant Frost Spider.

    During this short interview you will be talking about the difficulties you find yourself facing daily in the acting world and this will be interspersed with short comedic clips showing particular incidents.

    Your problem is that you find yourself too often cast in the role of 'monster' as was the case with the role you played in the video above. You feel that this is unfair. You take acting very seriously and are a classically trained actor that should be given a chance and not judged solely on your appearance.

    You are highly educated, very well spoken with an upper class British accent and have an utter disdain for Method Actors. Being a 'giant' Frost Spider you are the top of your race, equivalent to a noble in human terms and therefore you are a snob.

    Please Note:

    - This is a non-paying role as the project is non profit.
    - Please note that quality of mic is important. Clear audio with no background noise is essential to the quality of the finished project.
    - I need the lines within two weeks after receipt of the script.

    Thanks! I look forward to hearing your auditions!

    About the Creator: shezrie

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold