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Alexis Doubleu's Previously Completed Works

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    About Inner Voice Productions [Voice Acting Group Member Casting]

    Welcome, all!! This is Alexis here!! I know that I already have two projects open but I have decided to hold these auditions for a new exclusive voice acting group of my own: Inner Voice Productions. I'm making this group because honestly, the wait for auditions for each individual project kind of bores me so I think that having a group of trustworthy voice actors on hand would speed up the casting process. 


    1) Do your best. Show off your strengths but do not be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. This shows that you are willing to improve and become a more versatile actor. 

    2) Have a decent microphone with little to no background. 

    3) Request feedback in the comments of this project if you would like to receive some. Likewise, give respectful feedback where needed to your fellow actors~ 

    4) If you have a question that is not answered by this description then feel free to ask away!! 

    The Audition & Casting Process: 

    1) I plan to cast 6 females and 6 males to join this group to balance out the members but this ratio or number of members may change and is under my discretion. 

    2) Continuing from point one, I will have 12 character slots open available to you for auditions. It is up to you how you decide to show off your talents. You may audition for only one character using one voice type or you may audition on multiple character slots using an array of voices. This casting call is left up to your creativity and imagination. That being said, do not feel obliged to audition in many voices if you do not want to, although it will be very impressive, someone who does one amazing voice may be just as likely to be casted as someone who can do many unsavory voices. As for the lines, you may make up your own monologue; create a dialogue (as long as all of the voices are you); use lines from novels, movies, anime, etc. 

    3) The tentative deadline for this project is set to February 14th. However, I will be casting people who I deem worthy and talented once every week up until February 14th. In other words, every Thursday, I will listen to all of the accumulated auditions and cast slots to whoever impressed me. If a Thursday comes and you are not casted, you are allowed to ask me why and what you can do to improve your auditions for a re-try. 

    4) As a followup to point three, if slots for males or females run out before the deadline (meaning if I cast the full 6 male or females before the deadline), you MAY continue to audition on the remaining slots, however, your auditions will NOT be considered fully until after the deadline has passed. 

    Officially Casted Member Requirements: 

    1) An active Skype account that you use and check regularly: This will be our primary source of communication. I want this group to be fun, communicative, dedicate, and familial. You MUST be willing to join group Skype calls. This is not simply a group where you join and send in lines.

    2) An active e-mail address that you use and check regulardly: This will be a back-up source of communication in case of emergency where you no longer have a laptop or PC to inform me of your situation. 

    3) Time and dedication: I do not want anyone who is auditioning just to see if they can make it into the group. I want people who actually want to be a part of an active, friendly group. As a note, just because you are a member, does not mean that you HAVE to act in every project, but you will not be allowed to be a member who disappears off the face of the Earth without notice.

     ***Note: The Pictures In Each Slot Are Only Place Holders!! You are NOT required to make a voice based on their appearance or find lines exclusive to those characters but you can use them as inspiration for original lines/improv!!***


    Q:What kinds of projects do/will you do?

    A: I knew that I should put that in the description but the group will begin with basic fandubs and parodies of anime, cartoons, animated movies, video games, and possibly audio plays and scripts and other things that members think of.

    Q: so, you would like us to use a different character slot for each voice? or would it be alright to use one slot with multiple voices. i don't currently have that big of a character range, so i usually use the same voice with different tones of energy, excluding a few voices.

    A: It's up to you really. I have no preference on how you choose to upload your audition. If you have enough to upload into multiple slots, go ahead but if you can fit all of your demos into one slot then you can do that as well. I'm leaving how you choose to audition up to you. However, note that if you audition on one slot at one time but someone else gets casted in that slot, you can upload the same audition or a new one into another open slot.

    Q: Can I send you my pro demo?

    A: Yes, you may ~ I'd prefer if you all auditions, demo reels includes, are upload to this casting  call here to be viewed publically or on BTVA.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold