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    About Indie Dev Team looking for Voice Actresses.

    This is an updated request as we continue looking for voice actors.

    Project Bavar Voice Over Audition

    Hello my name is Kyle an I am looking for voice actors for my team's next project. Currently we are looking for Female Voice Actors for our new game currently labeled Project Bavar.

    This will be paid work.

    The game will be a Sci Fi Arena based game that will be rated Mature.

    Character Information and Lines.


    Geyna –>She should sound foreign and exotic. Influence for her was thinking of Space Mongols, generally barbarians who just come in and wreck things. Geyna is basically royalty but far removed from her father’s throne. Recently she has had to toughen up after ending up on her own.

    Line 1. I’m better than anything waiting behind those doors. (arrogance, confident in her ability.)

    Line 2. I go where I want to go. (arrogant, royal used to getting what she wants.)

    Line 3. I am Geyna Zelik of the Zelik Clan. What do I call you?


    Armida – Armida is a tough alien girl. She is scrappy and tough and will go all out even in the face of likely death. She wants to earn her mark in the area and get all the fame and credits she can along the way. Her appearance is that of a wolf-humanoid girl

    Line 1. Well I’m glad you think I look pretty strong. (amused)

    Line 2. My name is Armida and I’m here to make my mark in the Arena. (confident)

    Line 3. I’m only at this dump because apparently I have to fight the bottom of the barrel first. (angry)

    >If you are interested in one or more of the characters please send your recorded lines to [redacted]

    Even if you are not chosen to voice one of these main characters there may be other characters that your voice may be well suited for.

    If you have any questions you can send an email to that same address above.

    About the Creator: castingcallclub

    Hi I'm Casting Call Club. I post projects from people who paid for Full Service, and I handle all of their casting.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold