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About If Only (The Little Mermaid on Broadway Cover)

Hello fellow singers!

This musical is very near and dear to my heart. I have always wanted to do a cover of this quartet and now that I know there are guys out there who want to sing, I feel like I can find some cool peeps to work with.  Here is how auditions go, listen to the part of the person that you want to audition for, harmonizing can come after casting, so just focus on who you want to sing as. You can choose to sing all of the lines I have listed or just the first & last. I really want to hear you guys get into it and have fun! This will end up on my youtube channel and I will post links to the cast's pages as well. Feel free to post any questions you may have.

Best of Luck!


Here are the full lyrics if, you wanted to follow along:

If Only (Quartet) lyrics


If only you could know 

The things I long to say

If only I could tell you

What I wish I could convey

It's in my ev'ry glance

My heart's an open book

You'd see it all at once

If only you would look

If only you could glimpse 

The feeling that I feel

If only you would notice

What I'm dying to reveal

The dreams I can't declare 

The needs I can't deny

You'd understand them all

If only you would try

All my secrets, you would learn them

All my longings, you'd return them

Then the silence would be broken

Not a word would need be spoken

Prince Eric:

What is it about her

That's so wonderfully, impossibly familiar?

Why do I feel dizzy

In a way I've only felt but once before?

How come when she looks at me

It seems like time stops moving

Almost like the way it did that day upon the shore?

But that voice!


If only it were true

If only for a while


Ah, that voice!


If only you would notice

How I ache beneath my smile


Where's that voice?


I guess you never will

I guess it doesn't show

But if I never find a way to tell you so

Oh, what I would give

If only you could know


(Spoken)Bless ya, child. Tomorrow, the Prince will have his pick of any princess in the land! How can a little mermaid

compete with that?

If only I knew how 

I'd make him see the light

If only it were up to me

This all would turn out right

And if I only could

I'll tell you what I'd do

I'd simply wave my claw

And make your dreams come true

And wouldn't that surprise you

If you only knew

King Triton:

How could she just suddenly

Completely disappear into thin water?

It's been two whole days

And I don't know where she has gone!


Ah, that voice!

King Triton:

If only you'd come home...


If only I could help...


Where's that voice?


If only there were time

I know we'd kiss at last


That voice!

King Triton:

If only you'd come back

I'll change my ways!


Just one more day for that kiss to come...


But time keeps racing forward

And our moment's almost passed!

King Triton:

I'll try to understand...


It has to happen now...

King Triton:

I'll keep my temper low...


I'd give my life up to make it happen...

King Triton:

I should have started listening to you all along...


How I wish that girl could have been this one!


There's only one more day until I have to go!


If only...

Ariel, Sebastian & King Triton:

Oh, what I would give if only you could know...


And at the ball

What will occur?

Maybe I'll find that voice 

But I'll lose her...


If only...


If only...

King Triton:

If only...

About the Creator: allieactress

Allie is a recent graduate of SFSU, she loves all forms of theater. She has worked in many different styles ranging from Avant Garde theater, to musicals, to Voice Over projects. Ever since, she saw her first Disney movie she knew she had always wanted to be a part of VO.

She has studied classical theater at the Royal Academy of Arts for a summer, been in a bilingual musical for Dia De Los Muertos and played in various dramas. Her most recent endevor was working on a children's show in San Francisco. On Channel 29 she puppeteered and voiced multiple characters for the show Acapella.

Feel free to message Allie and ask her anything, she would be happy to answer. 

Vocal range: F3-C6

Completed Projects:

The Shadow Remastered:

-Character: Eva Colington

Link: Soon to be posted

-Character: Married Woman

Link: https://youtu.be/gYZLx2f4eHI?list=PLCVfw5XyzGqYyyg8mKZ-j2kV0sOU-pzsq

-Character: Misc. Woman

Link: https://youtu.be/5Hoi3Zj1us8?list=PLCVfw5XyzGqYyyg8mKZ-j2kV0sOU-pzsq

Radiofairfax Bedtime Stories:

-Character: Narrator of the tale Ananasi the Spider

Link: To be posted soon

Let It Go Group Cover

Moon Pride Cover:

-Character: Sailor Venus

Link: To be posted soon

Bye Bye Birdie, Telephone Hour Cover:

-Characters: Helen and Penelope Ann

Link: To be posted soon

The Walking Dead Comic Dub:

-Character: Carol

Link: https://youtu.be/gRVPeNDyYx8?list=PLCVfw5XyzGqYyyg8mKZ-j2kV0sOU-pzsq

On Going Projects:

The Cold Heart:

-Character Gina Eleta

Link: https://youtu.be/o7HzHXcKOa0?list=PLCVfw5XyzGqYyyg8mKZ-j2kV0sOU-pzsq

Final Fantasy 7 Project Echo S:

-Characters: Lucrecia Crescent, Shera, Ifalna, Elymyra and Female NPCs

Link: https://youtu.be/7bTUW5YUxo4?list=PLCVfw5XyzGqYyyg8mKZ-j2kV0sOU-pzsq

(Most of these characters come in later on in the series)

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