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    About Idol Cover Group (20+ MEMBERS WANTED!)

    Welcome to the first official Unidol Hearts casting call!

    Unidol Hearts is a cover group that will consist of 20+ members. We will sing songs from idol anime, or just any anime/vocaloid song recommended to us.

    I am looking for idols and technical team members.

    I want 20+ idols,  so please audition and tell friends! 

    *We will sing songs and you MUST have an OC to be shown in our videos+channel art. If you dont have an oc, i will happily help you create one. 
    *Depending on how many members i cast, your recording schedule may be at least 2 songs per month. 
    *Songs will be sung in Japanese 
    *I dont expect you to know every song i assign to you, so will have 1 week to learn it and 1 week to record it.
    *You will do a verbal introduction when i cast you, so please have understandable talking. (If needed may add subs if you want me to)
    *Have a Skype or Discord  (Preferably Discord)
    *Good mic quality 

    With a huge idol group, i dont want to be in charge of everything,  but if i have to i will. I would like:
    *2+ Mixers
    *additional artists (optinal)
    *2+ animators  (video makers)

    If for some reason, i drop out of the group, i would like someone to take over. But i also want at least 2 helpers in the group who help me do things, and i would most likely want them ASAP, so the first 2 qualifying auditoners will help me.
    *Must be active
    *Can be a part of Tech or an Idol

    I want to keep this call open for as long as possible,  but i dont want to let it die down, so i will try to update things weekly. Put in any questions or comments in the comment section. 

    About the Creator: Poonchie Lulu

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