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    About I'll Stand By You

    This is a project I hope will go further in the future.  I am dedicating to this to every SwanQueen fan out there (Emma and Regina) and giving us a chance at having our own magical story filled with adventure, love, art,  beautiful voices I hope to hear.  Fans of this ship are always misunderstood and never taken seriously. The writers have given us false hope multiple times and try multiple times to make it up to us. Although it just seems they are mocking us;  I am going to create a story Once Upon A Time has never done before. 


    -There should be minimum background noise

    -I want your voice to show the emotion of these characters 

    -Be ready to get into character

    -You will have to be able to send me your email in order for me to send you the script 

    -An episode will last 15 minutes

    - Do not forget the most important thing! HAVE FUN. 

    -I do not want bullying or harassment of any kind 

    - We will be using Wire- Secure Messenger 

    Here the links for apple, android, mac, windows, etc 

    Please remember that not interruptions happen during our first script reading. It will be frustrating to start over. 

    The story "I'll stand by you" will be in the alternate universe.

    If this successful, each episode will be produced in 1 month and out the next month.  I cannot wait to share this with you guys and I do hope you enjoy it. I do not have a gold membership! so the deadline for auditions will be on August 1st. I will need all hands on deck. Editors for the script, artwork, story editors, narrator, producers, and a video editor (etc). I'll be the one to write the scripts. So if anyone is up to the task than please show me your swan queen spirit! 

    Emma Swan lives in a home filled with chaos and misery. Her father constantly chooses every outcome to falsely excuse her Mother of cheating. She hides away in your own little world, using drugs for kicks. One Day she sneaks out after hearing a window shatter and her father's voice boom through the house. As she runs through the pouring rain, soaking her poorly dense red sweater and Nike sweats covered in a few small holes; she ran across the street, not bothering to notice a speeding car coming her way.

    Synopsis: Regina Mills is the person who hit Emma with her car. Emma is later found to be in a coma. Feeling like it's her fault, she stays by Emma's side. During her third visit, she meets Emma's parents; wondering why they never came to see their own daughter the first time. She is scared to tell them it was her, so she lies about who she was to Emma. On the fourth visit, three weeks later, Emma's parents are found dead. Regina finds a note under Emma's pillow.

    Note: You're next.

    Killian Jones will be the character who wrote the note and killed Emma Swan's parents. Just like he almost did in the show. The reason why I am not using David and Mary Margret is it would be too tragic and we both knew they would never abandon Emma.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold