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    About I Against I, Me against you! Act 1

    DON'T PANIC AND RUN AWAY IF YOU'VE NEVER WATCHED RED VS BLUE OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HALO. this story involves seeing the RvB-verse through Twilight Sparkle's eyes, so if you know nothing about RvB you'll in a way be going on this adventure right along side her. That isn't to say that long time fans of RvB and Rooster Teeth as a whole won't be able to enjoy some subtle and not-so-subtle references as well.

    I Against I, Me Against You is going to be similar to a 3 act play, with each act somewhere around 10 parts give or take.

    Anyone who watches Red vs Blue knows the show is notorious for its... colourful language. Additionally, some violence may happen here and there as is natural in a story about idiots with guns. Our little ponies and soldiers will get a few nasty boo-boos along the way, but don't expect any excessive gore.

    Everything changes for Twilight Sparkle and her friends when a mysterious extraterrestrial ship crash lands in Equestria. When Twilight messes around in the ship's systems with her magic, she ends up transported to an alien world unlike anything she imagined: a box canyon in the middle of nowhere.  To get home, Twilight must enlist the help of the eccentric Red and Blue soldiers that live there... if she can get them to stop bickering first! Additionally, she finds herself being pursued by the enigmatic military agency known only as Project Freelancer. Back in Equestria, all is not well for Twilight's friends as forces involved with the crashed ship make themselves known. Reds, Blues and ponies will all have to work together to discover the mysterious connection between Equestria and Project Freelancer.

    The story takes place after Season 5 of RvB, so we'll be seeing the events of the Recollections/Freelancer arc play out significantly differently than they do in the show. That being said, the MLP-verse will see a few minor changes to its canon as well, with this story taking place just after the Season 3 opener and going in a different direction afterwards. I feel that I should clarify: I Against I, Me Against You is not just going to be "Seasons 6-10 of RvB but with ponies. the goal with this story is to combine the lore and backstory of both universes in such a way that they directly effect each other. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold