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Luckypunch1's Previously Completed Works

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About Hydra- A Love Live! OC Cover Group

Hi there everyone! Lucky Punch here!

Welcome to Hydra, a Love Live! OC Cover Group that covers Love Live! songs in English. 

Before doing anything, please go to our Master Information Document (linked below) for all of the information you could ever need on Hydra, FoRce-FLY, crew members, and side-characters. 

You probably clicked on this casting call because you saw the words "Love Live!" or "Cover Group" in the title of the page. But Hydra is much more than just your regular, run-of-the-mill cover group. Hydra is a 9 person idol group consisting of entirely original characters (6 girls and 3 boys) created by the director of this project, Lucky Punch. Lucky has spent the past 2 years (since summer of 2015) planning this project and all of its characters, storylines, and settings. 
All of the background information on this project and more on Hydra can be found in the Master Information Document. 

If you are considering auditioning for us, please read all of the given information (in the Mater Doc, the individual character docs, and the audition page) so that you fully understand what kind of project this is. All of us creating Hydra hope for it to be a long-term project that we all can love and enjoy together. 

With that being said, we must now list the rules for this project:
  1. 1. Be kind to everyone! Do not be cruel or harsh to someone just because you didn't like their audition. If you are caught saying or doing anything hurtful, you will not be considered for this project, and Dia will give you a big "Bu Bu Desu Wa" :(
  2. 2. Only audition if you are willing to work long-term. It is 100% understandable if life gets in the way, but please do not audition if you are planning on not taking this seriously or plan on quitting. Again, if life happens, as it always does, you are more than welcome to take a leave or drop out, if it comes to that, so don't feel pressured to stay if you cannot.
  3. 3. Be honest! Don't steal auditions or link work that isn't your own. We have seen it happen before, and it does not end well. You'll get caught in the end anyway, so why even try?
  4. 4. You must have an active Discord account or be willing to download one, as Discord will be our main way to communicate. If you are new to Discord, download links and beginner's guides are available at the bottom of the Master Information document.
  5. 5. As mentioned in the Master Info Doc, this will be a voice acting and singing project. So be ready to do both! 

If you're wondering about me, Lucky Punch, and my singing , please refer to the "Previously Completed Works" section of this casting call where you can hear me sing in several songs as part of  a cover group I am in, Bittersweet dreamers. You may also go onto my old CCC page, @thartley22 to listen to my old auditions. Both the links to Bittersweet Dreamer's YouTube page and my old CCC page will be in the Master Information Document. 

All information for the members of Hydra can be found in their individual information documents, all of which are linked in their audition pages and in the Master Document!

That about wraps up everything we wanted to say! If you ANY questions at all, all of our contact information is posted at the very bottom of the Master Document. Don't hesitate to ask anything! We're always here to lend a hand. We don't bite, I promise.
And with that, we say goodbye for now! See you at final casting! Good luck, everyone! Ciao~

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold