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About "Hooked"- Male voice needed for a lead role!

Hi, I am co-writer, director, & producer of Warrior717 Productions; a name associated with fan audiobook productions that are made purely for listener's enjoyment. While these are volunteer projects, and no money will ever be made from them, we strive to produce them in a professional quality. With drama from our amazing voice actors (some of them nationally recognized in their professional career), music, and sound effects, it gives our listeners a fun, immersive experience. 

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Our latest audiobook project is an Alternate Universe story (a total of 40 episodes) set in Neverland that picks up right after the Season 1 Finale of the ABC show, “Once Upon a Time”. "Hooked" sweeps its readers off their feet in a whirlwind of swashbuckling pirates, mischief-making Lost Boys, and the timeless battle between good and evil. In this memorable tale of love, romance, tragedy, and sacrifice, one can expect only the unexpected. Follow Belle and Rumplestiltskin as they set out on an epic quest to find his son in a land that will challenge them in ways even the most gifted seers cannot foretell. The infamous Dark One will be forced to make the most important, and most costly, deal of his life. Will he choose love, or power?

Name of Character:

Peter Pan

Character Description:

An exuberant, charismatic, and fearless leader with an intricate story, Peter Pan is an essential character to our production. With unique twists and an intense emotional arc that is heartfelt, this role will challenge you as an actor.


Teenager (ideally 13-15-year-old)/American Accent

Audition Lines:

1. "Well, now that I know you're not out to kill us, allow me to introduce myself: I am Peter Pan, the bravest and most cleverest boy in the land!"

[Direction: Declare this confidently and proudly. Mood: Lighthearted]

2. "I don't remember my parents. Maybe I never had any."

[Direction: Say this in a quiet/reflective voice, and with inflection. Mood: Sad undertone]

3. "I don't want to remember!"

[Direction: Yell/shout this. Mood: Emotional- angry/hurt]

4. “You know what he did to my friend, and you would still say that—”

[Direction: Say this quietly. Your throat constricts, choking off your words. Mood: Emotional- Hurt/sad]

Recording & Sending Instructions:

-Record three different options for each line, being genuine/natural as possible in your delivery

-Save all files in 44100 hz mono mp3 raw format

-Record all of the character's audition lines in one file

-Label as Yourname_Peter Pan.mp3

-Put "Hooked- Peter Pan- Audition" in the subject line of the e-mail

Studio Specifications:

- Preferably use an at-home studio, with padded foam walls (or alternative means) to absorb the echo and background noise. Avoid using any artificial noise cancelation.

- Use a good quality mic, with a pop filter.


E-mail your auditions to [redacted]



DEADLINE: (Thursday, September 7th) @ (11pm + Eastern Time Zone)


Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold