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    About The Moths In The Attic

    Hey there, this is my first time using this site for this and I'm still new to the site to begin with so just kinda bear with me if you can. This is a podcast which I have been scripting for several months now, and plan to release on youtube and possible itunes if that's something I can make happen. The main genre here is mystery, with a bit of a bit of a serial drama vibe (though it won't be that long)

    It's in a Victorian Era-esque/Industrial revolution type of setting, essentially the time period will be centered around the modernization of technology. In terms comparative to actual history it would probably be placed around the tail end of the Victorian Era. 
    The story features a diverse group of characters and a rather complex story that works like a jigsaw puzzle. The may be touches of things that border on the edge of horror, but it still remains closer to a drama with some fantasy elements thrown in than a horror show. There's pockets of romance but it's definitely not the focus here. 
    Episodes will be posted to youtube and my own site as well once I have it live, credits will be given both verbally in the episodes themselves, as well as text credits with links in the video/audio file description

    Here is a breakdown of how the story is hopefully going to flow, skip past this and to the indented list if you just want to see requirements;
    The Moths In The Attic is a podcast following the events recorded within the tapes containing personal logs belonging to several of the main characters. 
    The main protagonist, Finley, introduces the series by proclaiming their status as a lost soul; a still living entity whose soul has been torn from their body thus leaving it a hollow husk of a shell. The introductory recording is a plea for help to reunite their soul and body again. 
    This sets the scene for a series of unreliable narrators telling the same story, but not everything is told the same way due to human error and intentionally misleading information at times. Not everyone is truthful, and some are liars by omission. Listeners will be led on by a mystery that requires them to be critical of the narrators and will often be left to decide for themselves who's lying, who's truthful, and who has something to hide. 
    It's a rich story with many twists and turns, so I'll need several leading characters to play the part of narrating. This means I need people who can narrate episodes as needed, but not all the narrators will have parts in every episode. 
    Minor and supporting characters now may become narrators later, most temporarily and others more permanently, so if you're not okay with a role as big as narrating a section the episode please let me in the comments on your audition. This may affect your chances of getting certain characters, but not all of them. Minor characters will not narrate any of the logs, but their voices will be present in conversations and recorded interactions. 
    This is a long term project, and for now it's a volunteer one. If the podcast does well and the patreon gains donors then I'll use whatever money it generates to buy better recording equipment for you guys and to pay you, or whichever is more feasible for everyone. 
    Some lines for auditions are lengthy, but for good reason. Some characters can be wordy, and for some I want to see what all you can do with what I've given you.
    As for the few characters I asked for German accents with; don't force or overdo it. It's more about using your throat when you speak rather than pronunciation. Just be relaxed and see if you can speak more with the back of your throat. I'd rather you drop the accent than force it.
    *Portraits are being added as I go*

    I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read this and those who audition for any parts. I really do appreciate your time!

    Here's what I need of voice actors:
    • -You need to have Discord to join the project's server and communicate. This is where most of the planning will take place. 
    • -You need to be able to record audio with as little background noise as possible. Some can be cleaned up during editing but if you have too much background noise I'll have to turn you down. You can use your phone with a pair of headphones from walmart that have a mic on them, so long as I can hear you and there's no loud static and minimal background sounds
      -You need to be able to work on a project that may take a while. I don't plan on going past 13 episodes, and 20 at max, but there's no telling how long it will take to script and get everyone's lines recorded and edited together
      -You need to be able to accept advice and constructive criticism. All I ask is that you be willing to listen to opinions on your performance and be able to do retakes if needed, and just be able to learn what I'd like for your role as we go forward. 
      -You need to be willing to communicate with your fellow actors who have been cast and get along. I'm not asking you to try your very best to be best buddies, but I'd like to see my crew getting along and talking to one another about at least the project. Communication is a good thing!
      -Be able to give feedback! I really appreciate feedback from the people I work with, and I value what criticism and advice I'm given. If you can give me feedback like what feels like a good flow of conversation, if something seems out of place, or needs to be clearer then that would be really helpful to have as the writer and introductory narrator

    About the Creator: DanniGage

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold