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    About Heroes of the West. RO2 mod.

    Hello my name is Liam Kennedy. I'm part of the modding team behind Heroes of the West. Heroes of the West is a mod for Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm which is a tactical realism WW2 first person shooter. The game currently features the Eastern front with Germany fighting the Soviet Union and the pacific front with The Imperial Japanese Army fighting the United States. Our mod brings in the Western front With the Americans fighting the Germans. So we need new voice actors.

    We couldn't use the original voices as they keep referring to Japanese or Russian soldiers. We couldn't remove those lines as that involved removing around 150 lines which made the game sound rather empty and slighty annoying at the repeating lines. So we thought we would get new voice actors.

    The current voices in Red Orchestra 2 are very well done. They aren't your generic call of duty or battlefield voices which are slightly robotic, 100% badass, emotionless, Liam Neeson impressions. RO2 voices portray Steve from accounting who was conscripted into the army to fight for his country. Real people forced into the war. And that's what I want to hear. Real emotion. Actual reactions to events that happen in the game.

    For this project it will require a little bit of ad lib. As in you make up your own lines or variations of the lines. The game has a bunch of "Triggers" that trigger the character to say something which is either a player controlled input (like ordering soliders to do something) or a reaction based on an event (such as a grenade landing right next to you or someone getting shot by something). 

    What would you say if a grenade landed next to you. You have less than 5 seconds to live unless you get away. You would be alarmed and terrified. Or even shooting someone. Not all the characters in the game are completely happy with shooting people. There's one German voice that is either sounding dejected/tired/sad when he has to kill people or he goes slighty mad when he shoots people. It isn't good for his mental health. All this really immerses the player in the game and doesn't glorify war like other games do. War is bad and WW2 was just plain nasty. This is also set later in the war in 1944-45. Majority of the US and German troops by this stage are conscripts not volunteers. So while they will fight for their country they would of preferred someone else to do it for them.

    The recordings are all short as each line is usually under 10 words quite often 1 word. There's usually around 5 variations for each trigger though for the more common triggers there's more. You'll probably record around 400 individual lines. Though the more the merrier. 

    You also must be fine with using light to moderate coarse language. You won't be forced to use any nazi references though, in fact the game currently doesn't even have any nazi references anywhere. The game would get banned in some countires if they did.

    Death sounds are needed also. The death sounds in the game currently are enough to make grown men cry. They are actually some of the longest lines in the game. From short cries of pain to long drawn out deaths slowly losing consciousness from blood loss all while crying out for help. 

    Since this is a Mod project we have no money and are not looking to earn money from this. The only thing we'll pay for is the $100 fee (of which all goes to charity) to make it an official steam hosted mod not just in the steam workshop. Given the mods size and scale. We gotta have new weapons, new uniforms, new vehicles, loads of new maps and we even got a couple of new features in the works. That Requires modelling, texturing, animating and programming. This mod is a full conversion. You will however be fully credited.

    There isn't really an age limit I'm just forced to put on in the roles section. We really just want Adult males between the ages of 21-35. You can be a little older than that though no younger. For the German Voices we would like an English language version and a German language version though that can easily be done by 2 different people. Now I cannot speak or write German so you will have to translate the lines. There isn't really a limit on the amount if roles either. Minimum we wanted 3 roles per side/language. But we can easily have a few more.

    Your microphone has to be a relativity good condenser microphone that can deal with you shouting at it. No popping, no static and very minimal to no background noise. Don't need a recording studio or anything. I've put my own voice in the game recording from my computer desk with my AT2020 microphone with pop filter fine. Problem is being a New Zealander I can't fill any roles. I'm not very good at putting on accents.

    Here's a couple of links to the mod. As you can see we have already released an alpha version. Which was really to test balance and test out new maps currently as well as give players something to do. Next build will have a couple of new weapons and even more maps. Over 16,000 downloads across both sources. Steam workshop easier as to install you literally have to just push a button.



    I highly recommend watching gameplay videos of Red Orchestra 2/Rising storm to get a feel for the game. Here's an example of Americans assaulting a Japanese island shows off the voices quite well. Good to search for a few more though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjOzh7gkK2I

    There isn't really a deadline either. I just have to put one. I'll make another casting call afterwards if I don't have enough by that deadline. As I said earlier we can have more voices than there are roles provided in this casting call. The audition is to check your capabilities.

    I will also accept Austrians for German voices. Something like almost 1/3 of the German army was Austrian. 

    To contact me for further information please email me at [redacted]

    About the Creator: lemonater47

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold