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    About Heroes Adventures | Episode 1 | Voice Actors Needed |

    Minecraft Animated Series!

    it is a animated series that I am working on and it will be in youtube in my channel. And this series really need with some voice acting! It has each every episodes that will have same characters will voice acting. And main characters will be every episodes. Also please don't say you quit or don't want to do it when you just already voice acting a character!

    If the entry is full, don't worry there will be much more characters for upcoming episodes! This is an ongoing series so make sure you will follow though till the end of the series! There are Season 1 - Season 4 and the episodes have 1 to 20 episodes on each seasons! 

    All characters have practice lines! and when you got the part right I will msg you to your skype or gmail and give you the real lines. It will be credited in episodes in which they appear. However, some characters and main characters will die and won't able to voice act anymore but it may have some fash backs in the future episodes.

    If you don't know what is Minecraft is? It's a basic game into a animated series.


    1. Make sure your mic is clear & decent! HD/HQ Mic

    (I don't wanna deal with people who dont have clear mics)

    2. Make sure you have time!

    (if I msg you in your gmail/skype, make sure you will reply me back! If you don't get back to me at all I will uncast you. Within a week or 2.)

    3. One Entry Only!

    (You have to entry ONLY one! if you have another good voice talent, then you may can!)

    4. Have Skype so I can contact you!!

    (if you don't have skype then I will gmail you to msg you when to give you the lines each episode)

    5. Be kind :3

    (I get shy to meet voice actors alot)

    6. Ask me any questions!

    7. Please see the References Voice Expression first!

    (Lot's of people got their voice wrong! Because they didn't watch the video & their voice doesn't match!)

    8. If you got the voice wrong I will not reply to you!

    9. Please be serious for voice acting!

    I have few background characters and main characters!


    Here my website about the Heroes Adventures! It has all the info!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold