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Colby Dash810's Previously Completed Works

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About Help for my YouTube Channel

Hello, my name is ColbyDash and i'm looking for some help on my YT channel! I have been doing YouTube professionally for nearly 4 years now and I do gaming videos on my channel. Basically i mostly do just let's plays and funny moments. I normally upload on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's. I have spent hours making my channel what it is now but my only problem is that I am lazy. If you look through my channel, you'll find that some videos are weeks apart and even a month. My videos have very low views and not much people take a interest in them. That's why I need help making my videos and my channel more better.

I have linked above my latest Let's Play video for an example of what my videos look like (excluding the beginning part with my webcam). Who I am looking for will be specified down below. I can't pay anyone for helping because I don't have any credit cards or any way to pay at all. It's more like helping eachother instead of always just helping me. I'm a man of my word when it comes to crediting people and I'll credit everyone who will help so we can both grow in our careers, Again it's less about me and more of a team so we can all grow in our careers/jobs and actually get noticed and get somewhere in life with our passion doing what we love and what we do best.

About the Creator: ColbyDash810

No demo reel currently but I will make one soon. :)

Hey y'all, my name is Colby and I have been a VA for a bit more than a year now! I'm not only a VA but a YouTuber as well focusing mainly on gaming. I previously voiced a few Roblox fan projects and I'm still have a few that are still in progress. I also took an acting class on my junior (3rd) year of high school and just graduated a while ago. I do voice acting mainly for fun, my interest in acting, and my dream to be an actor.

I'm open to taking any work I can, both paid and unpaid. Though I would prefer to be paid currently but I'll still do free work for those in need for a free VA. So feel free to contact me if you have a character you would like me to try out for!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold