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About Hello!Project Chorus Gen 1

- Hello! Project - Morning Musume - C-ute - Minimoni - Petitmoni - Tanpop - Angerme - Berryz Koubou - Buono! - Country Musume and more

We will be covering a wide variety of Hello!Project songs (fan dub group named Chorus!Musume) , mostly focused on Morning Musume to start and each song will be chorus based so EVERYONE may/will participate. 
You will have 3 WEEKS to learn, record and hand in your lines. If enough people hand audition then there won't be much of a fret if people do not hand in their Lines on time but you'd be better off handing them in on time or early.

1. can hit notes accurately. "a good singing voice" does not include vocal quality in this particular instance
1.5. Can sing in TIME. If you do not sing in  time with the song will sound bad
2. Audition to members that are closes to you in terms of pitch, note range and vocal quality. (if you sound like Tanaka please don't audition under Kusumi and vice versa)
3. Good Mic; the clearer the better, audio with heavy static or background noise or muffled vocals will not be accepted
4. COMMITMENT! I wish for this group to last as long as possible so if you sign up please see this as a 6 MONTH MINIMUM membership. If you need to leave do NOT ghost me or any other members(this makes me worry about your well being more than anything else), emergencies and life happens. Just be honest and let us know whats happening. *I promise i won't be mean* // remember to have fun
5. access to Google Docs. I will store everything everyone needs to know on google docs (no fees) and you will have access there to make edits, comments suggestions and more.
6. we will be social on GOOGLE DOCS, i know that sounds weird but it's better to have everyone connected on a single unified platform rather than hunt individuals down for facebook/discord. here is where everything will happen

What to Expect:
1. 1 song every three weeks, you will be given the song name, youtube/dailymedia link to the music and a link to the lyrics 
2. No lines will be assigned, unless specified otherwise, you will sing all the lines of the song, and record overlapping lines seperatly.
3. upload the song in Mp3 or wav format, any other format will get you a message asking you to upload lines from now on in mp3 or wav.
4. Please upload inDropbox or Google Docs. If you do not have either, you can upload it through unlisted Youtube, mail it to meor PM it to my FB. From there you will link you lines in the proper google doc that will be provided
5. Seasonal Songs; expect christmas/halloween/new year/ seasonal songs a month ahead of time.
6. you will see all future songs ahead of time so don't be afraid to hand in the lines before the deadline is even set : D, feel free to save this link, even if you don't make it in or leave, you can hand in lines before the due date as a guest (include stage name) and you will be credited if you are added

Songs We will Cover in order (incomplete):
Ai no Tane
Morning Coffee
Mikaeri Bijin

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold