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About Hear my Cries | Anime inspired Gacha series


Hi! My name is Emirii, also known as Itz Emirii on Youtube. I run a small family friendly channel on YouTube with around 100 subscribers.

My content is based on Gacha Life mini movies, memes, skits, webcomic dubs and story times. This current casting call is for a Gacha Life series called “Hear my Cries”, inspired by the a 2016 animated teen drama film called “A silent voice”.

The story follows young Noelle, who has been deaf for a couple years now. She’s grown up in a respected family, but she always wanted to be able to do what SHE wants, and not just...existing. Can she break free from these chains?

How long is this series?

I’ve estimated the series to have about 1-2 seasons of 10 episodes each.

Where will the series be posted?

On my YouTube channel! Here’s the link: 


Please DM me on discord or CCC if you have any further questions: Dead on the inside#8590

What are the requirements to audition?

1. Have a discord account . Discord is the main source of communication for all of my projects, including this one! If you are cast, I will message you the server  on discord, so feel free to leave that below, or PM it to me!

2. You must be above the age of 10+. I want someone who is capable of expressing different emotions, I apologize for discrimination, if you are under the age of 10 but you are capable of using your voice talents, please review your audition before submitting.

3. Be responsible. Communication is important. This should be self explanatory, but very few people have been able to accomplish this. If you are for whatever reason unable to submit your lines by the deadline: Tell me yourself. I am not responsible for your VA work. I expect you to be committed, and have time for this project, considering it is quite long.

4. Have a good quality microphone. I won’t list a specific type of microphone, but please don’t use mics from headphones, and please, no .m4a. If you're getting a new mic, wait until it's set up, and record your audition in the highest quality you can. If you can make a blue yeti sound like an XLR mic, go for it! 

5. Please read every line for the character you're auditioning for at least 2 times. I want to test your acting ability, and see how you are able to portray lines with different inflections. 

6. It is recommended that you have previous voice acting experience. This is NOT a requirement, simply a preference of mine, since I am on a time crunch. If you’re new to the scene and confident in your abilities, I’d love to hear what you’ve got!

7. Respect the team, and your fellow VAs. Straightforward. If you are unable to accomplish this, it is unnecessary for you to even audition.

8. Have fun! I know I seem very serious in these casting calls, but that is simply due to professionalism in business inquires. If you are cast, I look forward to working with you!

About the Creator: Creative Cookies

I’m Emirii, aka Itz Emirii. I’m a producer and a voice actor heheheheheh...

I like to voice act in Gacha Movies and Animations.
I like to produce Gacha Life mini movies, movies, and series’.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold