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    About **Hamilton Musical Medley**

    Hello all casting call singers and actors! Welcome to a project that will take some time and dedication, The Hamilton Medley (Cover). This project will include myself and many of you to help fill lead characters, supporting characters, and possibly ensemble members through most likely a two part medley video (one for act 1 and the other for act 2)

    You may be asking, what is a medley? In this case it will be taking an assortment from different influential songs from the musical and tying them together in a way that can tell the overarching story in 20 minutes or less. Most smaller parts may not be needed because they are a part of songs that may not be seen as quite as important, but roles may be adjusted and added as the casting and recording process goes on.

    idea pretty simple right? To further introduce the project I'd like to formerly introduce myself. I am 17, and a soon to be theatre major, voice acting most of my life and just recently working more professionally with others through voice, stage, and song. I will be taking the role of Hamilton since it is a not so vocally demanding role and I know there are many of you out there who could blow me out of the water with your singing. Anyways I'll get to some simple rules and regulations for auditioning.

    - please have a good enough mic that I don't hear peaks throughout high notes (this is an absolute must) no matter what it takes I don't want to hear peaking please!
    - this will be more long term but we will work with getting songs done in order of the musical, meaning everyone I cast will send in something for the opening song and we will work on deadlines from there
    - If you would like to add an introduction for your self after your audition feel free to do so I'd love to get to know you as a person and your reason for wanting to do this
    - Have fun and be real! This isn't a vocally demanding musical for the most part, I want to feel emotion in the rapping and more talk-sung aspects, (but there are characters like burr and eliza who hit some pretty high notes so beware)
    - when auditioning for songs, make sure to include the highest or lowest parts of the songs so I can tell that the character is in your vocal range, I would hate to cast someone who can't sing the part
    -lastly THIS WILL BE VERY DIFFICULT AND WILL TAKE MULTIPLE TAKES FOR EACH PERSON! ever tried to link up 6 or 7 voices without them being in the same room able to hear eachother? its difficult! each note and word harmonized with another has to be spot on! if you aren't ready for that please do not audition!

    thank you and if you have any questions before auditioning please let me know!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold