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About Halo: Tales from Reach (An Audio-Drama Series)

Hello Everyone! 

Audio Dramas and similar formats are heavily underrated arts. The past year I have created an amazing Star Wars Audio Drama Series, and an Original one well on the way. My next big Audio Drama will take us directly into Microsoft's "Halo"  universe, during the Fall of Reach. 

Halo Reach is adored and cherished by many, including myself. I remember Pre-Ordering it and waiting in line with friends at Gamestop to pick it up. 

One thing I want to be extra considerate of is the story of Reach, Halo and the universe. We are not here to change characters, stories or arcs. Only to add and expand upon them. This will be achieved through telling the story of Reach through the eyes of others besides Noble Team. It could be the journal of a Marine Private who is fending off a horde of brutes, or a civilian fleeing with his daughter and trying every possible method of keeping her safe, or even an ONI Scientist before the Covenant invasion. 

And so; this series will be an anthology Audio Drama, starting in August 2552, when the UNSC began defending against the small Covenant invasion, only to then ultimately be caught by surprise by the "Fleet of Particular Justice" , and when New Alexandria and many other places among Reach fell under siege. 

We are very excited to dive into a new style of Audio Drama story telling and cannot wait to share this adventure with you all!


You MUST be willing to join our Discord servers (VeedFilm Productions Hub and Halo Audio Drama) and be consistent and willing to communicate, I am very flexible and as long as you talk with me, we will work out whatever needs to be done.

- You MUST make sure your audition is clear, has minimal background noise, and are real auditions. If a friend is auditioning, please make sure they either have full access to your account, or that they audition with their own.

- You MUST be willing to accept criticisms. Just because you land a role does not mean you can't fix some things. None of us are perfect, and all that I ask is that you as a voice actor strives to be your very best.

- BE FRIENDLY! We are all family and look out for each other! Please be respectful! If there are issues, you may approach myself or any of the various admins.

Deadline for line submissions is: OCTOBER 19th @ 11:59 PM PST

You are also more than welcome to audition for more than one role!

I will be posting this on our Youtube Channel, as well as SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play and more!

I am so excited to get this going! Thank you everyone and Remember Reach!


Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold