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Basicrez's Previously Completed Works

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About Half Moon Book 1: New

The Hopes for This Project

This story has been under way for quite some time...However, I do wish to make this a great series. Unfortunately, I cannot pay and I understand if thats what you want to participate. Though I'd like more then just voice actor's. I wish to make this like The Doctor Whooves series by: Ponies With Pockets Production.

I can't do this alone and this is something that I want others to contribute.

I hope for 3 Books (3 seasons) total.



  1. 1. Have a decent mic, doesn't have to be fancy and minimal background noise.
  2. 2.Once a script is sent, expect me to tell you when the due date is. If you can't make it let me know.
  3. 3.Don't take a Major character if you don't think you can make the time. there will be plenty of background characters.
  4. 4.Get to know your character, ask questions. If you see a line that they are saying but could say differently let me know.
  5. 5.More charactercharacters will be added in time. Not adding currently due to those characters will be used later in Book 1. If you audition in extras I'll message you first.
  6. 6.Taking in understudy.
  7. {More might be added}
  1. 1.I will make a Chat for just artists and ask a multi question on who wants to make art for a scene. It's completely optional and I probably will need a few for a scene. I plan to have a freeze frame for every place. I will give you the piece of the script and from that scene what do you want to draw from it.
{eg. Bob and Dill walk into the grocery store - 1 freeze frame- Bob and Dill are at home eating pizza- another freeze frame}

  1. 2.You don't have to have to make the next art piece of the century.
  2. 3. I will give you the Character designs so don't worry. You may change cloths. However, let me and others know so we can all agree that it fits the character.
  1. 1.You guys will get more info on the story then the VA's and Artists. So no spoiling for them!
  2. 2.We will be talking about the scripted such. I will probably give a point A and point B. We just need to find out what happens without changing too much.
  3. 3.If you have a cool idea let me know! Though this has been in my mind for a long time i still need help in simple things and ways for the story to progress more. So if you have an idea, let me know.
  4. 4.All I REALLY ask is to stay true to the characters.


  1. 1. Have (preferably) Skype or Discord or a Email...(writers, we'll be using google docx)
  2. 2.This will update for Book 1 only. I will make new posts once we get to Book 2 and 3.

The Back Story

This story follows Soji Yoshiki, who's just your everyday guy. He meets a demon girl named Myu. After meeting her, the world he seen as a bleak turned around. Suddenly Demons and angels exist. The two become blood bound and he learned of her mission to save the Multiverse.

She gave a Angel (Jun) her blood, and now he's become a darkened angel, set on destroying the multiverse. Myu has made her mission right her wrong and stop Jun. 

She's been doing it solo, up till now. 

Jun is the embodiment of Yin and Myu is the embodiment of Yang. Yin has a pure look yet a corrupt mindset, as Yang has a harmful appearance but a harmless attitude.

Few Quick Summaries 

What is the Spirit world? Is there a world beyond this one? Is there a such a place as heaven and hell? Humanity has had a question about the world beyond for centuries. Religions are made to answer questions about the afterlife. To give a definite answer. However, what happens when humanity is told this TRUTH?!

The Multiverse theory, is a theory that there are an unlimited amount of different realities. However, what happens when these realities are under threat? Can one girl fix her mistake and save our very own reality?!

Soji, is your everyday guy. He lives his day to the next. He’s honestly the most  boring you can get. His boring life is turned around when he meets a girl with tan skin and snow white hair… Who’s this girl? And what has he gotten himself into?!

Yin and Yang are the only hope to make perfect balance.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold