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About Go to Guess who 2 for the New Updated Version on my Profile!!~

Hello! My name is ZiNyiah, and I am creating a Youtube Gacha Life Series Based on 2 superheros: Ludicris and Praxis. Long story short, This show is based off of 2 teenagers fighting for their lives and almost die in most of the episodes! Basically, the Logic Explained in this short description isn't enough. My goal is to excite the viewers in a whole new logic, and at the same time, endure it. I want to make sure that this 'Starter Trailer' is an excellent one! Before I could start on the Trailer, Ofcourse, the series will have voice-acting, Professional editing, and Animations! I need Voice actors who are willing to take on this opportunity which, Ofcourse, for me, Is a Once-in-a-lifetime sort of situation. So, Before applying, I want to tell you a bit about the characters in the series:

Praxis has feelings for Ludicris, and Little did he know, From the past 5 YEARS he had felt this way was for the girl he already knows. The duo aren't allowed to know eachother's identities.. Yet, they still manage to take on Tokyo's Worst villians.. Laverna, The Troublemaker.. Ophinia, The whisperer.. and Rosslo... Well.. He's a player.. But he is REALLY known as: Rosslo, The Swift.. A little dirt on the trio, Laverna has had Feelings for Praxis, and probably still does.. A mysterious Character, Really. Her Mom is Their Leader. A woman named Lilith Reed. Laverna's Sister: Alice, Has used and abused Olive- I MEAN Laverna In the past.. Her mom just.. Joined on in..

Ophinia was a previous friend of Ludicris's Real identity, ZiNyiah.. They have been in a fight recently, and has joined the dark side a year after. Her real identity, as you should know, (Because I already Spoiled the suspense on that last part.) Ophinia's Real Identity is a girl named Kailena Kenlly.

Rosslo's story is a bit more interesting..

Rosslo has known Ludicris for YEARS without even knowing! His real Identity is of a Boy named Jesus V. ZiNyiah, (As I REALLY should admit.) Had a crush on him. ZiNyiah is Demi-sexual. (A person who has to have a good relationship with a person before experiencing feelings) And I'm pretty sure, MOST of us are.. They were best friends until ZiNyiah invested time in a 'Secret Job' as a hero. And barely had time for friends.. Jesus had gotten sick and tired of it so they both decided to break it off. That only increased Z's feelings for him even more.. (Somehow..) Now, Rosslo is on Ludicris's Bad side.

Ludicris Doesn't have feelings for him anymore..

Praxis, However..

(Oh geez..)

He is obsessed with Ludicris because of her personality and experience from being a hero. Also. Not to mention her striking looks. (A thank You.)  He used to have a 6 month crush on ZiNyiah during school and not her hero Form. They have both secretly started the job when they were 12 years old.

Now they are both 17 years old and... That's it for now!

Note: There are going to be a LOT of voice acting Role to fill in! So apply today!

Just know all of these roles are just for fun and are of NO cost!

Reminder: NOBODY not even them are allowed to know each other's identitites..

Not even mine..

About the Creator: httpsZiNyiah

Hello! My name is ZiNyiah Perez and I am in hopes of gaining a successful acting career by starting with this! I have made a New Youtube Channel which will feature all the episodes later! I was born in..

Who has time for this? You may have noticed I am probably different from the others. My audience? Never had been big. The most views I've gotten were at least 120 on 1 on my oldest channels. But, Hopefully, that'll all change!

I am determined to make my new series that I'm working on right now, a Complete Success!

I am a solo Creator, But, I won't be for long! I always write down all of my episodes and what all will be featured in them in my Journal/Binder. I am very organized and I will try my hardest to be as awesome as I can!


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold