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About GTA Action Series (Still In Alpha Stage)

What exactly is this project?

Have you seen your dose of action movies? Die Hard, The Matrix, Hardcore Henry? Hell, I could make this list as long as I wait for you to stop reading this and show me your skills... Just playin ya, however this action series will feel like a movie every 15-20 minute episode that comes out. Anyone who watches this will be so enthused they would like to see this in real production, unfortunately i'm just a guy trying to work my way up. Everyone starts somewhere. Now let me stop blabbering and tell you what this baby is gonna be about. This "unnamed" series will give you every element of any action movie from 1988 - NOW, drug cartel, corrupt government, gangs, them awesome slow motion scenes that make you have wet dreams, and even a little bit of first person action thrown in there. HEY! Dont forget, this will have a story that will drag you in, screw with your head, and have one of them legendary endings like Halo kept until 343 Industries took over. Now this will all be in the game Grand Theft Auto, on a PC, i will be using scene director and graphics mods, and every element i possibly can to make this feel almost real, but what can I do without good voice actors? So I need people to commit before i start touching the bases.

How long is the intended final product?

I can only say, i will end this series with a bang, and at the right time to. Only Time will tell.

Is it multiple episodes/chapters/books/etc.?

So far 1 season of about 16 episodes, if this does good enough I will continue the series.

What is the time frame for when the project will be completed?

This is a hard one, but I say at least a year for the whole first season. What I will do is make multiple episodes, release one, two weeks later release another one... and so on. I will make the first few episodes un-scheduled to see how well they do.

How fast do you require actors turnaround time to be?

As long as you can do your part the right way and on time, you're good. I would give you due dates of when I would need your voice overs.

P.S. I will update this with some of my work, and with pictures of the characters etc. but for the time being i'm working on it! And trust me there is tons more actors than just 3, these 3 are just the ones I need most at the moment.

Thanks for your time...
-NiLog Films

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold