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Ether Unstred's Previously Completed Works

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    About Glowsticks

    ***Alternatively you can also e-mail me at r.i.psnookie27 @ gmail .com***
    As to avoid spoilers, it would also be useful if you emailed me for more information on a character!
    Note: This is a passion project, though if we do happen to get some sort of funds then I will be sure to pay you. However, for now, that is not an option for me.

    Summary: A relic more powerful than the gods themselves has been sealed away and left untouched for centuries. A Lumi explorer named Alvarus Moon was sprinting through a cave, met with a dead end and fear in his eyes as creatures of the night approached him closer and closer. The ground beneath his feet sweeps away as he leans on the wall behind him, causing him to fall on his behind, away from the creature. 'Where is this place?' he thought, touching the walls of the cavern as he approaches this ominous light radiating off of something unknown. Upon closer inspection, he finds a book with an eye in the middle, The Eye of the Gods. Excitement trembled through his finger tips, a pathway to the exit meeting his eyes as he held the relic to his chest.
         For generations, this relic was passed down the moon family, Lumi after Lumi being warned never to open the sacred book. That is, until it landed in the hands of Gregory Moon. The day his father passed, all his belongings were shoved onto the man, one being a particular book that's been kept in a vault since his father acquired such a thing. Never did the man even speak of it, so Gregory opened the book, unbeknownst to the terrors that await him.
         Traveling to another dimension, Gregory felt a darkness spreading through his veins, coughing up black liquid that seemed to have infiltrated his lungs. What is this? Why can't he breathe? Then, everything went black, and Gregory was no longer. Instead, he wore a cloak, asking person after person to rid him of this ancient curse. Most looked at him as if he were crazy, until one day he stumbled upon this broken man, someone where you could tell just by glancing at them that they had recently lost everything. After offering the book to the man, the eye had finally opened. It seems as though finally The Relic has found it's master. Gregory then fades into dust, crumbling into tiny bits of nothing.
         The book (eventually named 'Pages' by Nikolai*) convinces Nikolai that Gregory is the one that murdered his family and burned down his house, taking him back to the dimension and world Gregory originally came from. Greg left a family behind, and that's where we meet Ethan Moon.

    Years later, Nikolai captures Ethan and makes him into his test subject, Ethan eventually escaping. Of course, he didn't get far as he was shot in a vital area upon running away. Unbeknownst to his captors, Ethan fled inside of his soulstone before being shot as he had realization before the action was performed. 100 years later, Nikolai has captured many test subjects, one of his most recent being Teddy Blue, as well as her little sister, Hana. Teddy eventually escapes, finding Ethan's soulstone and having it unintentionally burn into her body, turning her into a Lumi.
         A scientist named Ezuki who had been observing Nikolai for years takes them in, helping them figure out their situation. Eventually, Teddy, Ethan, and all of their friends will be ready to save the multiverse.

    *Nikolai: Master of the Book

    For Voice Actors:
       - Make sure your mic quality doesn't have any background noise!
       - Please try to use a high quality mic, though if your audition is good enough I might consider regardless.

    For Artists:
       - I need concept artists! I will be one myself, but I'd be more like the head one, ya know?
       - I need backgrounds!
       - Please send me examples of your art to the email listed above.

    For Animators:
       - Please try to have smooth animation!
       - I hope you have an understanding of human anatomy as most (if not all) of my characters are humanoid!
       - Please send examples of your work to the email listed above.

    That's all, for now. I can't wait to see your auditions!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold