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About Gekkō No Akuma

Gekko No Akuma is a visual novel game I aim to be working on based around an Original Character I have named Tsuki Megami.

NOTE: The game will have some religious references and some moments will have gore (it won't be heavy though). If you're sensitive to the topics, I would suggest not auditioning for this project. I plan to release it on itch.io, and might create new updates. It's also best if you have a Discord tag, so that way if I choose you I can invite you to the Dev team server and keep the game and communication organized.

I am in dire need of:

  • Artists with an anime artstyle
  • Coder who can code in the Ren'py language
  • BGM producers

Please note that I am a gachatuber. This means I'll be using the gacha apps to create my character designs.

I would suggest showing examples of things you've worked on that use Ren'py, examples of music you've created, and examples of your art.

The story starts with young student of Kage High Tsuki Megami. She doesn't have many friends, with the only known friend being her best friend Yuu Takahashi. However, during a fit of rage after being ruthlessly attacked by her former friend and bully, Kusatta Tamashi, she did something drastic. She summoned a powerful demon, with Yuu's help, who offers her power and strength in exchange for her soul. However, when Tsuki goes through with the deal she is met to have been tricked. Now stuck as mortal souls possessed by a demon locked in the Underworld, Tsuki and Yuu travel around their new prison to find a way to undo their mistakes. Will she become a mortal again and will the two make it back to the living world, or will the demon gain control of Tsuki's being and leave the two of them forever trapped in the underworld?

The endings will be determined based on your choices. There are three paths that can be persued; Good, Bad, and Neutral. The player would be playing as Tsuki for the most part, however near the end of the good and neutral endings they'd get to play as Yuu.

About the Creator: CoffeeMoon

Gachatuber who likes to write and edit. Currently trying to improve artstyle.

Currently trying to create a visual novel based around my original character, Tsuki Megami.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold