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Madam's Previously Completed Works

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    About Gag Animation: Legacy of the Cherry [CLOSED]

    I want to make a simple short in "Gag Manga Biyori" Style ( An example: www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_OOQAjqioc lol, sorry I couldn't find a better one... )

    So traditional manzai style comedy, (outrageous, random, and fast-paced) that essentially just amalgamates several inside jokes I have with online friends! It will indeed be a trip of randomness, as the story revolves around a humble little cherry that simply wishes to be a mangaka! But alas, his past cannot be escaped as he was formerly a Demon Vampire Demi-God whose father is satan himself! (though in order to try and remain more neutral, well just say "Demon King" instead of Satan) And as such, his prospects slowly dwindle at the publishing company as random things begin happening and the situation escalates.

    That aside, this is just a short project, and is a good chance to just practice or do something silly! Let it also be said that it is a requirement that ALL CHARACTERS BE ABLE TO SPEAK FAST. It's simply the style, so if you can't speak too quickly without trouble, i'd suggest you stay away from this audition (though your completely free to try as you never know! I may love your voice so much that ill overlook speed or work extra hard to edit it!

    Please keep in mind that i may change a few things (most likely going to add minor characters) so if you didn't make the cut for that specific character, another one might pop up! You may contact me and send auditions to this email:[redacted]

    Feel free to audition as much as you'd like (REMEMBER TO SPEAK QUICKLY! but don't get carried away lol) The estimated due date is July 1st (NOW HAS BEEN EXTENDED AND SET TO THE 16th).

    A big hug and thanks to anyone who decides to try out for this craziness XD (Yes the cover picture is from the animation)

    NOTE: The drawings for the roles are veeerrry quick sketches. It'll be a bit nicer for the real thing.

    About the Creator: madam

    I'm but a little cherry in a big world~

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold