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About Full band original song collaboration (English)

I'm no longer accepting anyone else! 

I can't delete this casting call (website flaw), but it's closed!

Singing position is for both male and female!

I've been planning to do some original composition for awhile, but havn't gotten to it since I wanted to do covers to improve my instrumental skills. I still have a lot of work to do, but until then, I feel like I should see if I can meet a lot of vocalists.

The songs that I will be composing will be done in English. I wanted to do Japanese composition with vocaloid but getting a translator is impossible without money and even then, the communication will be exhausting! I wanted to do English vocaloid, but I really don't like how they sound (will experiment in the Summer though). 

I plan to have atleast 2-3 singers per song (and maybe having some people fill short roles for things such as rap depending on personal skill!). Each person will be rotating between a lot of lines and doing a lot of cool stuff. "Cool stuff" will vary from rap, screaming, chanting, and singing in harmony. All optional of course! If no one can do it, I can try to find someone for a short role, but if not, it's no worries. I also may have people sing short fills in different language if they want to. For example, if you speak Japanese, we can try to translate a short phrase from English to Japanese and add that on to a section!

Songs will vary between 140-160bpm (so some fairly fast singing!). Your probably wondering what type of song I might be interested in or how the vocal lines might seem. I'm not a vocalist, but here are some of my inspiration comes from here for both vocals and composition:





Basically, a lot of vocaloid inspiration!

You have to be fairly powerful about your singing (you can take the above 4 songs as a perfect example). Here's some examples of enthusiastic singing (I find that a lot of people here tend to sing way to soft as if they don't want anyone to hear!). Some songs are from previous links but the song is focused on one singer:




Please keep in mind that this is a long term project and I might end up scrapping and redoing a lot of stuff. The good thing is that when I give everything out for the vocalist to sing, that means I'm pretty much done. I might do my vocal composition on an English vocaloid (such as Cyber Diva).

If I do end up doing a lot of compositions, keep in mind I probably won't always stick to the same singers (meeting new musicians is always a nice thing). Heck, I might even spread out 8 vocalists in one song!

My role is... basically doing everything haha ^o^. I will be playing every instrument and doing all of the composition and mixing myself. It will be a very long process and will be good for me since I can improve throughout every song.

When a song is finished, I'm open to any creativity you want in the song with your vocals. I'll try my best to fit them in if I like it!

If you have any outside vocalist (such as from YouTube) that I might be able to contact, feel free to PM me their channel! 

Here's my youtube channel:

I'll probably continue to update this page if I have new ideas. I will not be composing anytime soon! I also won't be recording myself on video playing for my original composed songs (that's only for covers!). I might just find some artist and fiddle around.

Feel free to ask my any questions!


And of course the obligatory microphone comment (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.

What I expect from you:

For microphone I expect a good microphone with a pop-filter. For example, I have a MXLV67G microphone connected to a Scarlette Solo pre-amp. When you audition, please include the name of the microphone you're using! If you're unsure you have a "good" microphone, please audition and also include the name of your microphone.

Microphone is simply one factor of quality out of a lot of things, but it's still highly important. I suggest seeing some videos on how to setup your stuff (microphone distance, gain staging, etc)!

Simply put, please have a good microphone.

About the Creator: junyoopai
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