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    About Fruits Basket Another (Fandub)

     Fruits Basket Another is the  squeal of Fruits Basket The main protagonist is Sawa Mitoma, a very shy and self-conscious girl entering her first year of high school. She meets other main characters like Hajime Sohma who is the president of the high school who is  very closed off when Sawa first meets him and is  easily annoyed and is usually uninterested in what’s going on around him. However, he also has a soft and caring side to him which he inherited from his mother Tohru.  Mutsuki Sohma  who is  the Vice-president is a charismatic and calm student council member who meets Sawa Mitoma  after running late for a class and then quickly finds herself a member of the student council. It’s Fruit Basket, all over again!! Written and drawn by Natsuki Takaya. ( I recommend for you to read a little bit of the manga  to see how they act, like  when you saying your lines. )

    Note: We will be adding more  characters.


    1. Please give it your all when auditioning! Your voice will be 50% of the characters personality, so put yourself in their shoes. If you think a laugh, sigh, grunt, etc. would sound good at the end of a line, then feel free to throw one in! Improvisation is also welcomed, so long as you keep pace with the lines we have given you.

    2.You will need an email/discord account (You do not need both, only one). This is how we will keep in contact, exchange scripts, and send audio tracks.

    3. If possible, please try to have minimal background sound.

    4. If you are to be cast you must be on top of your work.  If you miss a deadline, you get a strike. Of course, if you talk to us ahead of time and ask for an extension, that is completely fine and different.

    5. We may extend the deadline if we have more projects to be situated before we cast for Fruits Basket Another.

    6. Remember to have fun!  Give it your all! We want people to remember your great performance on this project!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold