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Rose Ice Cream's Previously Completed Works

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About Friday Night Funkin': Glitched Reflection (Voice Actors)

Every piece of information in this is in the following document attached, you can either submit using this casting call or use the document and submit from the document! If you're wondering why the format of this casting call is a bit odd, it's because I've copy-pasted everything from the document.

Also, we have more positions available such as artists and musicians, however those aren't going to be listed here on this casting call. Please refer to the document if you want to audition for those positions!


Hello! I go by many names online, however, you may refer to me as Rosie. I’ve been a writer for as long as I remember, and I’ve been slowly learning about game development. I had a spark of inspiration for a Friday Night Funkin’ mod and I knew I had to take it as soon as I got the idea in my head.

I remember first playing the game when the weeks were locked and I believe week 3 was the latest one out. I phased out of the game as there wasn’t enough content and I wasn’t the best at rhythm games, it wasn’t until I saw a recommendation of the VS Whitty mod, also labelled as a bonus week. That’s when the gates opened for a lot of mods which had their own passion and creativity within them. Now I want to attempt to make my own mod for the game.

However, I don’t have the skillset to create good-looking art or music, and I would like to have more aspects within the mod, which is why I’m asking for help in this casting call.


Boyfriend is singing with Girlfriend, when in the middle of practice, Girlfriend suddenly disappears. An entity, who was invisible to Boyfriend, greeted itself as “Glitch”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an issue with trapping the lonely boy within a purgatory where nobody can hear him, however that would be boring. Glitch proposes something to Boyfriend. “If you can win an infinite amount of times, I’ll let you go free,” it says. On paper, this idea is impossible, but there’s only one option that can be done, Boyfriend must attempt to beat infinity.

About the Creator: rose-ice-cream

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinary folks.

My name is Shelby but I would prefer to be called Rosie or Emily online and I'm a beginner at voice acting. I got into voice acting by watching various actors and actresses present themselves and their characters, I want to be able to make or act something that would make people think and feel strongly. I hope you enjoy working with me!

Quick about me

Name: Shelby, Rosie, Emily
Age: 17
Pronouns: he/it
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Interests: Visual novels, death game media, anime, writing, voice acting, Hatsune Miku

Voice acting

Started: April 2020
Ranges: Children, teens, young adults
Pitches: medium-to-high
Languages: English, been trying to learn Japanese on and off
Original or fan: Both but I'm more interested in original works
Paid or unpaid: Both but I'm more interested in paid roles

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