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Pixiedust Machinima's Previously Completed Works

Beginners Masterclass

Starts Sept 15. Seats limited.

Voice Acting 101

Early bird. $25 off

Starts Sept 15. Seats limited.

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About Flygirl

Sooo freaking excited to be posting this, you have no idea!

- I strongly recommend reading the first episode script (I’m only sharing the first 3 scenes of the first episode so I don’t reveal too much) to get a feel for the tone, characters, and writing style of the show to determine if it’s something you truly want to be a part of:

Before you audition, please know:

  • You need to be committed to this project. I’ll give you plenty of time to turn your lines in, but make sure this is something you have the time to be a part of! Right now I have it planned out as a 10 episode, 1 season series but I have plans for a *possible* season 2

  • I’m going to be voicing either Bailey or Evelyn, but it’s ultimately going to go to who I feel fits the character 100%

  • You need to be comfortable with swearing. I definitely don’t go overboard with swearing in the script, but like 70% of the characters swear at one point

  • The series will have slightly mature sexy scenes, I’ll keep it PG 13 but if that content is going to make you uncomfortable, this series isn’t a good fit for you as a voice actor

For auditions 

  • Looking for good quality mics, minimal background noise

  • Please repeat each line 2-3 times, don't be afraid to really show off your range!

  • There are so many roles to cast, I think a good majority of you will get to be part of the series, you may even get multiple roles!

  • Deadline for auditions is now extended to September 6th, final cast list will be posted September 16th!

  • Yes, some of the characters in this project is going to be paid. You'll be paid $50 for voicing a lead character, and $25 for voicing a supporting character.  I know that's not much, but this isn't a professional project. It's just my way of showing you my appreciation for participating in my project! 

  • Please don't audition unless you are going to be dedicated to the project. 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold