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About Five Nigts at Freddy's: High School


Hey guys!

Thanks for checking out my little project.

I'm attempting to make an English dubbed version of the Spanish animated web series Five Nights at Fredddy's High School; 

Created by and all credits to :
Edd00chan & MrDsaster INC

I have no involvement in the making or creation of this series, I simply wish to do a proper English dub version. 

The episodes are pretty short and I plan on doing the first three episodes and see how that works out before moving forward from that point. 

So please keep in mind this could become a long run project as I believe there are 38 episodes total...

But as I stated above the episodes are really short, the first one being under three and a half minutes.

I will send you scripts and you can refer to the episodes for better understanding of the scenes.

This is intended to be a FUN and SIMPLE project.

Request are basic:




Should this turn into a long run project, I'd really like to create a community of good people with positive attitudes.

If you have a hard time working or getting along with others, you need not audition... And If you're shy or timid (like me) don't be.

it's all in good fun.  

What I'm looking for vocally

Any age may audition, but I'm not looking for really childish voices, something teens-young adult sounding. I also don't have a specific vocal pitch/range in mind for any of the characters with exception of Chica who should be a bit more on the High side.

What you get:

This is not a paid project! However, I will credit all voice actors and contributors at the end of each video as well as crediting them in the description of each video with up to 3 links to direct any interested onlookers to your social media pages or other.   

Thanks for your interest and good luck!



About the Creator: Radio Squidworks


I'm not a voice actor nor do I have experience as such, however I do love radio, film and preforming arts and self expression. When I have free time in between my own projects I like to help others with theirs when I can. If you like how I sound and think I could be of help THAT'S GREAT and if not that's fine too.

Thanks for stopping by!

  1. -Jimi S. 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold