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    About Five Nights at Freddys Minecraft with magic/darkness

    This roleplay is for 14+ age group range. We record on Minecraft as a gaming platform to iterate our story. You are required to have Java and handle up to 10 small mods. We record on Monday/Thursday/Friday at 7:30 PM EST. We require actors to attend at minimum 3-4 times a month. We also do livestreams on Sundays at 4 PM EST. This story is about FNAF and a story on how a person has to learn how to control their powers. He has to learn how to manage running a business while dealing with a ton of animatronics and their individual needs. He also must keep his animatronics safe from each other. He also needs to keep his partner safe as well from the more aggressive animatronics. This story has a very dark backstory and may involve some triggering events. These events include murder, speaking of death, murdering, blood, gore, and mild to moderate swearing. There will be no self harm mentioned in this series. Just because we ask for a male or female role doesn't exclude if you are a female trying out for a male role or vice versa. We accept all genders for all roles but we prefer to have certain voices for certain character. We will listen to every audition. 

    About the Creator: aliceangelbatim

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