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    Hello and thank you for checking in on this casting call. You can call me Tact, I work an unpaid internship as a professional nerd. This is a Fire Emblem Three Houses fan project that will showcase funny conversations with quotes that are most certainly incorrect between each characters in the game. Three Houses provides an absolutely amazing story, and so many different paths to choose from with a tremendous amount of characters. 

    In this casting call, ya'll will be providing your talent to voice lines from various memes, vines, original jokes, show/movies, and even some shit from tumblr. There are quite a few characters available, so feel free to explore your options and try out as many characters as you please. I will provide the names to their respected voice actor and actress that way you guys will have a good idea on what they sound like and how to impersonate them. Once you are cast, add me on Discord so I can invite you to the group. If you do not have one, I request that you make one. 

    The videos will be displayed on YouTube once complete. I will send you all the videos by email and Discord upon completing them. So please do your very best, and good luck!


    Show a lil' emotion: If you show the ability to act and show emotion in your audition, it will help your chances of being cast.

    Please have a Discord account: We will be using Discord to contact each other and send in lines. If you don't have one, I do suggest you make one so we can contact each other easier.

    Treat each other with respect: If you are cast, be polite to other cast members, and even if you're not cast, be kind about other peoples auditions and even give out good constructive criticism to everyone's auditions.

    Have fun, and don't be afraid to audition!: This project is entirely for fun, and I aim to have a cast that can enjoy what they do!

    Thank you for checking this whole mess out, and happy auditioning! [insert Hunger Games reference here] 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold