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About Fire Emblem Fates (Support Conversations)

This is a Fire Emblem Fates fandub project that will showcase the support conversations between the characters on the game. Two kingdoms, an amazing story, and many paths to choose with a tremendous amount of characters.

Hear what these characters have to say to each other during the battle between Hoshido and Nohr, and when they are not fighting. Watch as these warriors forge new bonds with one another and maybe even more.

In this casting call, you guys will be acting out some lines from various conversations from the game. 

There are over 60 characters available, so feel free to explore your options and try out as many characters as you please. I will provide the links to their respected voice actor and actress. That way you guys will have a good idea on what they sound like and how to impersonate their voices.

Once you are cast, add me in on Discord and so I can invite you to the group. If you don't have one, then make sure you have a valid e-mail. I'll be sending you guys a support conversation video of my choice and then you guys act out on what they say on the conversation to the best of your ability.

The videos will be displayed on YouTube once the final product's complete. I will send you all the videos by email upon completing them. So do your best folks, and good luck!


1). You must all have very good quality microphone.

2). Listen to the voice clip examples before doing your auditions.

3). Treat each other with respect. No profanity.

4). Give out good constructive criticism to everyone's auditions.

5). When you're cast, be sure to join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/Qukepbd. If the link doesn't work, just add me on Discord and have a valid e-mail address. My tag name is BlueStar05#6412.

About the Creator: BlueStar05

What's good, folks? My name is BlueStar05. I'm a hardcore gamer, an audio/video editor and a voice actor. I'm a relax dude who enjoys being around family and close friends. Becoming a voice actor and voice-over artist is an interesting industry for me. I've learned many things by auditioning in different kinds of projects. It helped me understand how this industry works and hopefully, I'll gain more experience here.

I have taken three semesters of acting classes, so I do have some acting experiences on me, but editing is my best skill. Throughout past few years, I've gained knowledge on how to edit audio and video to make them as they see fit.

Most of the projects I will be doing will mainly be fandubs from some of my favorite video games over the years.

You can also find me on Discord to collaborate and also get to know each other moving forward. BlueStar05#6412.

My Projects

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  1. Doki Doki Literature Club

  2. Video Editor & Audio Engineer

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold