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About ⚔️ Fire emblem Fates: Fandub ⚔️

Fire Emblem: Fates

This game takes place in a realm where two kingdoms by the name of Hoshido and Nohr are at war, however, one of the royalty of Nohr, who goes by the name of Corrin, wants to end this war with no bloodshed. Unfortunately, they must pick a side, and whichever side they pick will decide the fate of the two kingdoms...

(Fire Emblem: Fates is a tactical role-playing game, created by Intelligent systems, published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.)

Project Details      

Exactly what the title implies! A fully fandubbed version of Fire Emblem: fates!

We are going to attempt voicing most of the content in the game.

Meaning we shall voice scenes, battle speech, my room, critical hits, dialogue, and supports! Some roles, Ryoma, Keaton, Camilla, Silas, Kaden, Saizo, Takumi, Leo, Hinata, Sakura, M! Corrin, and F! Corrin have already been taken, but we will keep adding handfuls of characters every now and then in order to reduce the levels of stress for both the staff and those who wish to audition! So don't worry there will be plenty of chances, and all of your favorite characters will be added eventually! (We will also be doing comic dubs and possibly fan-made supports once we're done with the main stories! And open an ask Tumblr whoopee!!)

(The fandubbing for the game will be on youtube!)


1. Audition for as many characters as you like, but you will only be cast as TWO.

2. If you are cast, please send lines in on time! There are also rules in the discord server about this.

3. Be accepting of critique and willing to redo certain lines, you gotta really work for these roles! So always look back on your audition and ask yourself "Is this my best?"

4. Please, no drama in here!!! We all just wanna have fun!

5. When auditioning please have good mic quality, please do not bother auditioning for this if you have nothing better than a laptop mic, those are unacceptable.

6. Have fun!

(UPDATE): The deadline has been officially extended to November 1st! (Please don't butcher me for this it's only to add in characters) (However!! some characters may be cast sooner than others, and then I'll add characters after they are gone to take their place! These characters that are going to be cast sooner are those with 5 or more auditions! (well of course not before review and stuff, last minute auditions on the casting day will also be reviewed!)


Discord link: https://discord.gg/SxAq4UU

(you can join even if you're not cast!!!)

About the Creator: kel

Nice to meet ya!

Hello I'm Kel! I'm a fairly new voice actor on this site.
Gender: She / Her, They / Them, just whatever honestly!
Mic: Snowball USB mic
Voice range: Medium-high Medium-low  (also capable of a few dude voices ahaha)
Other things: Editor and a writer!

Current roles I've been cast as!:
Ayumu Fujimori - Danganrebirth-voices.

(not much but ey, i just don't really VA often)

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold