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    About Female VA needed for Audio Drama

    Two hundred years, rotting in the ground, dying, crumbling to dust in coffins we’d already built for ourselves. It was pathetic'

    A long time ago, humanity was ravaged by a disease that destroyed the minds of nearly eighty percent of the population. The remaining twenty percent had little option but to flee; either trying to make it in the outside world (and failing), or barrickading themselves in bunkers and well fortified buildings. They had to get creative of course, but they survived. Barely. 

    But that was nearly two hundred years ago. Since then, the world has moved on. People still live below, too terrified off what they have termed 'The Denizens', wrathful figures that dominated their childhood nightmare, gatekeepers to an edenic paradise, to ever emerge. But all hope is not lost, frail communities have managed to survive; disparate survivors, tied together by the fact that they're in radio range of one another. It's not quite a life, but it's the best they can hope for. 

    'Two hundred years, and according to them it still wasn’t safe, they still didn’t want me to leave, because of The Denizens… not like I was going to let that stop me... '

    'The Stagnant Below' follows one such community, for whom everything is about to change. Marred by the events of their collective, intertwined pasts, and grieving the loss of one of their own, 'The Group' are not ready for change. Unfortunately, change is ready for them, and it's arriving in the shape of a rather sheltered boy named Baker. 

     The news Baker brings will shock the community to its core, and catalyse changes that its members never thought would be possible. 

    (The Stagnant Below currently has a first episode in draft form, and a further seven planned. I plan to get the pilot up and running before properly writing the rest. Episodes will be about twenty minutes, and as with any project on here, I expect a decent level of commitment from all actors participating, and at least enough knowledge of Audacity and a decent enough mic for there not to be too much background noise. Obviously that doesn't mean that you can't audition if you don't have a proffessional quality mic, just no phone/headphone mics please! )

    (Thanks for taking the time to read this! I know it's long, but it's kind of important =P I hope you have fun auditioning, and if you have any questions please ask! =) )

    (Also, this project will get pretty dark, please don't sign up if you're not comfortable with the following; discussions of death, swearing, violence, discussions of sexual assault (Nothing graphic/explicit, it's just a part of some characters backstories, and will be handled as sensitively and maturely as possible), mental health issues, and lgbt+ characters (this is less a 'are you comfortable' thing, more a 'can you be mature portraying' thing') )

    This is a rerun of a previous project, as I had tons of actors auditioning for other characters, but precisely 0 for poor Geraldine!  Geraldine is the oldest character out of all he bunker-dwellers,  and is approximately in her late fifties, although she can sound anywhere from 45-65.  

    'Two hundred years… Just how long are they planning to wait for anyway?'

    About the Creator: aduckiswatchingyou

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold