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Daneisbraddy's Previously Completed Works

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About (PAID) Fell Swoop - Original Musical Animatic

In the medieval-esque world of Tharen Fel, the disenfranchised youth flock to the Chaser's Guild-- an organization of freelance adventurers, explorers, and mercenaries-- to make a living, having been cast aside and left behind by both their elders and the ruling class.

Reinwil Coyle, a half-baked wizard and full-baked coward, accidentally finds himself tangled up with the Guild as well, joining his childhood friend Toren Esterwen and his significant other, Cyndil Elaran. 

Oh, and it's a musical.

The goal is to make a full-length animatic of the pilot (around 30 minutes total), and after that? Who the fuck knows, shit's crazy out here. You see the news lately? My god. What a shitshow.

If you want to get a vibe, as well as hear early versions of the songs you might be singing, head on over to the project's SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/danemichaelbraddy/sets/fell-swoop

The writing is sort of specific in that it's very naturalistic. There's a sort of rhythm and a lot of self-interruption when a character has a new thought, as well as a bit of crosstalk. Keep it loose, explore, play around. Just sound like a regular person and you're already most of the way there.

Also obviously I want this to sound not-terrible, so like, have a decent mic. Ideally something more high-tech than a blue yeti and some sort of reverb-proof space to record in, especially for singing purposes. An AT2050 is what I've got on my end and so I'll consider that the quality standard. No headphone or headset mics (unless they invented some pair that sounds incredibly professional, then by all means prove me wrong like the snooty little bastard boy I am.) 

And please don't feel the need to apologize for like, background sound or bad levels or reverb or bad mic quality. I'd much rather you not have those issues to begin with? Like, you can fix little problems like that before sending it in as long as you're, you know, doing the industry standard and quality-checking as you record. You don't have to-- and shouldn't-- send in something you feel the need to apologize for. I'd rather you send me a take you feel proud of. No hard feelings but it saves both of us time and saves you your pride. 

About the Creator: daneisbraddy

I'm an actor with a degree to prove it. I'm a songwriter with a soundcloud to prove it, so help me god. I'm a writer with a pilot to prove I'm bad at it. I'm an artist with an instagram to sometimes remind you of it while you scroll by. 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold